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PRESENTER’S NAME HERE. KW COMMERCIAL OVERVIEW Philosophy & Leadership Mission, Vision, Values & Beliefs Benefits Training Referral Network Technology.

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3 OVERVIEW Philosophy & Leadership Mission, Vision, Values & Beliefs Benefits Training Referral Network Technology Best Practice Tool Kit Branding International Marketing Book Timeline Criteria & Joining Membership Dues

4 PHILOSOPHY & LEADERSHIP At KW Commercial, we believe that you are only as good as the people you are in business with. That’s why we make it a priority to be in business with the best. The Keller Williams philosophy of success through people and of seeking out win-win partnerships has fueled our company’s growth to the fourth-largest real estate company in North America.

5 MISSION, VISION, VALUES & BELIEFS Our Mission: To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living. Our Vision: Te be the commercial company of choice for a new generation of real estate agents and owners. Our Values: God, Family, then Business

6 BENEFITS FOR AGENTS Unprecedented Compensation Model for Agents – Agent-centric company – Industry-leading cap commission structure Self-funded Membership – Huge discounts from service providers (REIS, CCIM, REA etc.) – Extensive referral network through residential/commercial agents Industry-Leading Training – Partnership with CCIM – Complete KW Commercial curriculum through Launch, Growth, and Achievement phases – KW Commercial driven localized training – International webinars – Regional Commercial Faculty

7 BENEFITS FOR AGENTS World-Class Marketing – Distinct KW Commercial branding & marketing materials exclusive for members – KW Commercial Presentation Book – & individual agent sites (both with integrated listing search) Comprehensive Commercial Tool Kit – PowerPoint presentations – Contracts & documents (LOIs, RFPs, etc.) – KW Commercial Member Intranet

8 KW COMMERCIAL TRAINING Online Interactive and Self-Study Courses

9 REFERRAL NETWORK Point of contact within your market center for referrals from all levels of Keller Williams Realty Bio and Website displayed on new public International Website, Opportunity to build a referral network among Keller Williams residential agents Referral network of KW Commercial agents across North America

10 TECHNOLOGY Public KW Commercial Websites,, and individual agent sites (both with integrated listing search) Members intranet containing best practice materials and marketing resources Members intranet of online commercial training classes


12 BEST PRACTICE TOOL KIT Access to LOIs, RFPs, Commission and Engagement Agreements, Building Surveys, Financial Models, etc. Policy and Guideline manuals on implementing KW Commercial within your market center Referral and prospect qualifying presentations for residential agents

13 BRANDING KW Commercial brand will be differentiated from Keller Williams residential Distinctive commercial logos to be utilized on all branding materials KW Commercial logos may by used in conjunction with individual branding and logos



16 TIMELINE Phase I – BETA KW Commercial Roll-Out, Mega Camp 2008 1. National Vendor Agreements with KWLS Download Capabilities 2. Commercial Training Infrastructure Complete with (4) levels of Commercial training outlined 3. KW Commercial Best Practice Infrastructure Complete with (4) Base Documents 4. KW Commercial Presentation Book Complete 5. KW Commercial “Beta-Functional” Website Complete 6. KW Commercial Policy & Implementation Manual Complete

17 TIMELINE Phase II – Full KW Commercial Roll-Out, Family Reunion 2009 1. Expanded National Vendor Relationships 2. Full Launch, Growth, and Development (100-Level, 200-Level, and 300-Level) Training Classes Completed 3. Expand KW Commercial Best Practice Library to include over 50+ documents 4. Expansion of KW Commercial Marketing materials to include marketing templates, prospecting letters, presentation powerpoints, etc. 5. Fully-functional KW Commercial Internet site and member Intranet.

18 TIMELINE Phase III – Post Family Reunion 2010 1. KW Commercial Agent growth to all Market Centers 2. KW Commercial Agents referring International account business to other Market Centers 3. Development of International Specialty Practice groups 4. Development of Specialty Commercial training classes 5. Enhanced KW Commercial Technology with more features and updated functionality 6. Expansion of KW Commercial Best Practice document library 7. Expansion of KW Commercial Marketing library 8. KW Commercial Master Faculty training in the field

19 RECOMMENDED MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA & JOINING Criteria – Accreditations – Training – Commercial Experience – Commercial Production Joining – Application completed Market Center Agent – Approved by RD or OP

20 RECOMMENDED MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA & JOINING Two-tiered Structure Associate Level A residential or commercial agent with limited experience in commercial transactions working toward achieving senior level status. Director Level A full-time commercial professional in terms of both transactions and production volume.

21 MEMBERSHIP DUES Associate Level: $900/year Director Level: $1,500/year Agents joining KW Commercial may add members of their team or group at a 50 percent discount on each additional membership at either the Associate or Director level Renewal date for all members signing up in 2008 will be January 1, 2010


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