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Growing Your Referral Business Financial Planners, Attorneys, Tax Preparers – The OTHER referral source.

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1 Growing Your Referral Business Financial Planners, Attorneys, Tax Preparers – The OTHER referral source

2 Developing multiple Pillars of Success is essential to a recession proof business You can’t put all your egg’s in one basket Chad Bates has been talking to Mortgage Professionals for years about Building a Diversified Mortgage Business

3 We have talked about referral partners here Out focus is always on the Real Estate Agent They are by far the TOP partner for you (88% of home buyers contact an agent after searching online for homes) But once you have implemented that strategy consistently – you need to build a new Pillar of Success There is a whole group of potential partners, just waiting for you to Help Them!!

4 Financial Planners can be a tremendous referral source They have Money conversations with their clients The clients TRUST the planners advice The clients of planners will be more financial able to buy or refi The strategies we discuss today can applied to: Divorce Attorneys Tax Preparers CPA’s I am going to let you in on a little secret………

5 The way you market to Real Estate Agent Referral Partners is exactly the same way you market to Financial Planners, Attorneys, CPA’s ect… Provide them with Value up front – Develop a Relationship Sounds simple right The truth is – if you are working a referral partner strategy NOW…it will be simple If you are not – maybe not as simple

6 Financial Planners, Attorneys, CPA’s all have marketing challenges just like Agents do

7 To acquire new clients – To optimize marketing results To nurture prospects To harvest referrals To capitalize on seminars (FP’s) To keep existing clients happy – Out of sight means out of mind Out of mind means out of business

8 Keep up to speed with their competition Internet Social Media Direct Mail They are always in need of new clients Retired Transferred Deceased

9 Start by finding your targets Just like RE Agents, there are average Financial Planners and there are Big Fish Financial Planners Take the time to research and find the right targets Use Barrons online site. You can filter by state 0468030662624938





14 They benefit from the same Value your RE Agents benefit from Education on programs that benefit their clients Renovation Loans Reverse Mortgage Jumbo 15yr ARM

15 Help with marketing ideas Data Base Marketing Greeting Cards Social Media Video SEO

16 Deliver your message of help or expertise the same way you would deliver it to RE Agents Make a Video about the benefits of a Loan program Invite them to the class you are teaching on Renovation Loans Call them and say – “Hey David, this Paul Baxter with Legacy Financial calling. I understand you are serious about growing your Financial Advisor business. I would love to treat you to a cup of coffee and discuss how I may be able to help you build your business. I have Thursday at 2 or Friday at 3 available. Which works best for you?”

17 It may take more than one call (less than 3% of sales take place on the first contact) Once you do get the Face to Face meeting focus on building the relationship Tell me about your Family How long have you been a Financial Planner What does the Jancisin family do for fun What is your retirement dream Family Occupation Recreation Dreams

18 Marketing to CPA’s, Financial Planners, Attorneys is the same as marketing to Real Estate Agents Take the steps up front to differentiate yourself consistently Follow up on those steps consistently to get a Face to face opportunity Build the relationship (FORD) Follow up consistently to nurture the relationship you built

19 The formula is the same The key to success is being consistent when you implement

20 One Last thing for Financial Planners specifically Their TOP marketing idea is Seminars You can speak with them about your knowledge of presentations You can offer to “Help” with their presentations Speaking on a product you know organize Register You can be a FP’s best friend if you can help them with Seminars

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