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Vanishree M.S. Librarian, Pramati Hill View Academy, Mysore

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1 Vanishree M.S. Librarian, Pramati Hill View Academy, Mysore

2 Overview Information Resource Management (IRM) School Libraries E-Content Creation Technology adaptation in school libraries List of tools/software for content creation

3 Learning though Project Cycle Librarian

4 Alan Kay the inventor of the first portable computing device, once said “The only way to predict the future is to invent it”

5 Selection of interactive boards E-Collection development to support interactive teaching Convincing the teachers to use and come up with the request for their e-content development Management of all the resources available in the form of CDs, PPTs, PDF, Vedios, Images, Photos, etc., How to make it easily accessible to the community of users Content creation and challenges in Managing the e-resources

6 Interactive boards in the classroom Librarian must help the teachers in selecting the text books While downloading the video on a particular topic, we must know for what level the teacher is needed the particular video information professional to keep himself abreast of the changing trends especially technological changes Content creation and challenges in Managing the e-resources

7 The technology integration has made a swift take over among the children and youth alike. It’s a proven fact that technology has brought in many opportunities to developing countries like India. Librarians have enthusiastically adopted technology for providing user oriented services. The challenge is whether the school librarians possess the competencies to adopt technology. With proper training, the school librarians can become the main link between digital resources and users. National agencies in India have proposed training programs for librarians. Indian Library Association National Knowledge Commission NCERT and so on in imparting digital competencies. Technology adaptation in school libraries

8 At Pramati Hillview Academy library ventured into filling the gap between present generation users and the facilitators by providing e-content and orient the users on the new technologies. The librarian highly motivated the traditional teachers to adopt the new technology comfortably. Providing open access to the information tools and content for future learning— What we have done?? Along with access to the digital learning tools and content, librarians must continue to provide instruction and guidance on how to use these tools safely, appropriately, and effectively Books Ebooks Computers/laptops Handheld digital devices Online content and databases, Videos Educational software/ animations/ simulations Web resources Online search tools Media creation software Digital cameras/ camcorders Electronic measuring and monitoring tools, and All the digital learning tools to come

9 Providing guidance on Information Literacy Media Design Principles, And Digital technology use will continue to be prized instructional design competencies. What we have done?? Contd… The unique impact librarians will continue to have in helping Students teachers, and parents acquire these digital literacy will be one of the most valued contributions they can make to 21st-century learning.

10 Why is the Library special ? Innovative services:  Key Attraction for users  Celebration of the national library week  Classroom library  Library hour activities @Pramati  Special Services @Pramati library

11 Designing a periodical rack  Periodical rack, New arrivals Shelf, decoration of library by live plants, flower vase etc., maps and charts stand, seating arrangement, separate place for teachers, easy accessible to back volumes of newspaper and magazines, display board.

12 Several activities and competitions, House board display, rare videos show, talk on Library Week celebrations etc.

13  Classroom Library is managed by classroom Librarians.

14 List of tools/software available for content creation What2learn- for e learning developers to create interactive games Xical-web based slide shows, tutorials, tests and animations eXe-freely available ope source authoring application create free educational gemes wink- aimed at creating tutorials

15 List of tools/software available for content creation MCOAT- to combine vedio, audio, images and text into one synchronized Courselab-create high quality interactive e-learning content Xerte-Project provides a full suite of open source tool for e-learning developers LAMS-Designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities. JeLSIM-Builder for providing educational simulations on Jawa

16 List of tools/software available for content creation Camstudio-Record screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry standard Audio visual interactive video files and using its built in SWF producer Quandary-Application for creating web based action Mazes Hot potatoes-Six applications enabling you to create interactive multiple choice, short answer, jumbled, sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises.


18 There is much good work to be done in transforming our schools into future learning environments Our present and future librarians must seize the opportunity to create libraries and learning services that clearly help students and teachers acquire the future knowledge and skills The library conducts workshops for the teachers regularly to give them up-to-date knowledge about teaching methods and resource available for teaching, and also makes the teacher’s job easier. To Conclude

19 Thank you

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