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2 Unwanted pregnancy Preferred Customer: NAFIS PICTURE An unwanted pregnancy is a pregnancy that a woman or girl decides, of her own free will, is undesired. Nearly 40% of the nearly 182 million pregnancies each year in the developing world are unwanted or ill-timed. 46 million unwanted pregnancies end in abortion each year, 20 million of which are unsafe.

3 Causes of unwanted pregnancy
Preferred Customer: NAFIS PICTURE Non-use of available contraceptives, due to Lack of information, limited access to services, financial constraints, personal beliefs, family objections, and/or health concerns Misinformation about reproduction Adolescents are susceptible to unwanted pregnancy and the risks of early and unprotected sexual activity because they lack information and services Sexual coercion, abuse, or rape 20% to 50% of all women report having experienced sexual violence Contraceptive failure Leads to an estimated 8-30 million pregnancies each year

4 Emergency contraception (EC)
Contraceptive methods women can use to prevent unwanted pregnancy in the first few days following unprotected sex. The most common method of EC is to take a specific increased dose of oral contraceptive pills within 72 hours of intercourse. EC does not cause abortion. EC is especially appropriate for women who have experienced condom failure or sexual coercion.

5 Family planning decreases unwanted pregnancy and the need for abortion
Unmet need for contraception Worldwide between 120 and 150 million married women — and up to 15 million unmarried women — who want to limit or space future pregnancies are not using a contraceptive method. Family planning services must: Be available to married and unmarried people Offer a range of methods appropriate to clients’ needs Be provided in a confidential and non-judgmental manner Access to and correct use of family planning methods can prevent many unwanted pregnancies and reduce the need for abortion.

6 Consequences of unwanted pregnancy
Unwanted pregnancy has significant consequences for women and their families, including: Unwanted and early marriage Constrained opportunities for education or employment Social stigma for unmarried women/girls Additional strain on family resources for food, education, and health care Unsafe abortion, which may result in long-term illness, emotional distress, and death

7 Insert text here unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion ( 7 )


9 Unsafe abortion Unsafe abortion is the termination of a pregnancy carried out by someone without the skills or training to perform the procedure safely, or in a place that does not meet minimal medical standards, or both. Approximately 20 million unsafe abortions take place each year. More than 200 women die every day from complications of unsafe abortion % of abortion-related deaths and complications occur in the developing world. unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion ( 9 )

10 World’s abortion laws Percentage of world’s women living in countries where abortion is permitted, various conditions .4% 25% Prohibited entirely To save a woman's life Physical health Mental health Socioeconomic grounds Without restrictions 42% 10% 3% 20% Even where abortion is permitted by law, women often encounter obstacles when seeking to end a pregnancy, including: high cost, difficult access, inadequate facilities, social stigma, and poorly trained and unsympathetic medical personnel. unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion ( 10 )

11 Deaths from unsafe abortion (per year)
5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000 40,000 Africa Asia Latin America & Caribbean Europe 34,000 38,500 500 Unsafe abortion: Global and Regional Estimates of incidence of and Mortality – World Health Organization unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion ( 11 )

12 Social and economic costs of unsafe abortion
Some hospitals in developing countries spend as much as 50% of their obstetric and gynecological budgets treating complications of unsafe abortion. Disabilities resulting from complications of unsafe abortion may also: limit women’s productivity inside and outside of the home constrain their ability to care for their children adversely affect sexual relations When mothers die from abortion-related complications, their families lose a primary care giver and in many cases, a primary wage earner as well. unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion ( 12 )

13 Addressing unsafe abortion
Unsafe abortion is a public health concern that affects the lives of tens of thousands of women, children, and families each year. Public policy and laws must respect and promote women’s health and rights, by: Ensuring that changes in abortion laws are accompanied by supportive policies and service delivery guidelines that promote safe, high quality services Ensuring greater access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services, including high quality care for abortion complications and safe services for legal termination of pregnancy Refraining from prosecuting women who have had abortions unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion ( 13 )

14 Safe and legal abortion services
Women must know of and have access to safe, high quality abortion services to the extent permitted by national laws. Providers must: Be well-informed about the status of the law Offer women high quality services and a choice of appropriate technologies Provide confidential, compassionate counseling unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion ( 14 )

15 Postabortion care saves lives
Postabortion care must be available to women suffering from complications of spontaneous and induced abortions. Postabortion care includes: Emergency treatment of abortion complications Family planning counseling and services Linkages to a full range of reproductive health services Community participation to help prevent unwanted pregnancies and ensure that women suffering from postabortion complications receive the care they need in a timely manner. Postabortion care services should be offered in a compassionate,non-judgmental manner. unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion ( 15 )

16 Insert text here unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion ( 16 )


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