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UMass Amherst Online MPH Degree Programs New Student Orientation Module 3: UMass & SPHHS Online MPH Policies **Note: This module is required. All students.

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1 UMass Amherst Online MPH Degree Programs New Student Orientation Module 3: UMass & SPHHS Online MPH Policies **Note: This module is required. All students must sign the acknowledgment form in the additional resources and submit this to the advisor prior to enrollment.

2 UMass Amherst Graduate School and SPHHS Online MPH-PHP Department Specific Policies  All matriculated students in the online MPH-PHP degree program are responsible for knowing and abiding by the policies outlined herein.  This module will present the following policies:  Grading policies  Course Enrollment: add/drop, withdrawal, late withdrawal, Continuous Enrollment, Refunds, readmission  Transfer course Policies  Graduation Requirements

3 Grading Policies 1: UMass Graduate School  Grades earned: Students may be awarded the following grades:  A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+,C, fail and sat/unsat  All students must meet the minimum standard for satisfactory work with a cumulative GPA of 3.0.  If you fall below this mark for one semester you may be placed on academic probation.  If you fall below this mark for two or more semesters you may be dismissed from the University  Graduate students may not take a course pass/fail  Students may earn an incomplete (INC) at the discretion of and agreed arrangement with the faculty

4 Grading Policies 2: SPHHS Online MPH  In addition to meeting the University required GPA, all matriculated students must meet the following GPA and course achievement specific requirements: o All students must achieve a “B-” or better in each of the following courses:  Pubhlth 540-Introduction to Biostatistics  Pubhlth 565-Environmental Health Practices  Pubhlth 601-Application of Social & Behavioral Theory  Pubhlth 620-Introduction to US health care system  Pubhlth 630-Principles of Epidemiology  Research Methods requirement course o If a student does not meet the minimum B- or better, the course must be retaken at the students expense. o There are no exceptions to this rule.

5 Enrollment definitions  Enrollment appointment-the date in which you can begin to enroll in courses  Add/drop-the date by which you can add or drop a course with no penalty and a full refund (minus the registration fee)  This date is usually 2 weeks into the semester, except for summer term it is 3 days into the term  No record on your transcripts  Withdrawal period-the mid semester date. You can withdraw from a course and receive a 50% refund. A grade of DR will appear on your transcripts  Continuous Enrollment-if you need to take a semester off or a leave of absence you must maintain your place in the program by enrolling in this option. There is a $275.00 fee for this.  Late withdraw-anytime after the end of the semester. No refund. A grade of Withdraw pass (WP) or Withdraw Fail (WF) is placed on your transcripts. You must retake the course. Any grade of WF will count in GPA calculation.

6 Course Enrollment Open dates  Fall enrollment=Mid-July  Spring enrollment=Mid-November  Summer Enrollment=Mid-March Failure to enroll  Must enroll by Add/drop deadline  2 weeks into the semester  Failure to enroll by this date  Automatically withdrawn from university  Must apply for readmission  $125.00 fee

7 Course Enrollment Dropping a course  Students may drop a course and receive a full refund (minus the $45 registration fee) during the add/drop period.  This date is specified in the academic calendar and will be announced by your advisor.  As a general rule, add/drop ends at the end of the first 2 weeks of the term. Or the first 3 days of a summer session.  No record of a dropped course will appear on your transcripts if you drop during add/drop  A link to the current academic calendar can be found on the Module 3 home page under Additional Resources Withdrawing (prior to mid- semester)  The withdrawal period begins the day after add/drop ends and ends at the midpoint of the semester  Students may withdraw for any reason during this period.  Students will receive a 50% refund of tuition  A grade of “DR” will be recorded on your transcripts  You should contact your advisor and the financial aid office prior to withdrawing to ensure there are no adverse implications to this action

8 Course Enrollment cont. Late Withdrawal (after mid-semester)  Any withdrawal that occurs after the mid-semester date  Cannot be granted for failing the course  There is no refund  A grade of either withdraw pass (WP) or withdraw fail (WF) will appear on transcripts. As reported by faculty, based on date of last attended.  A grade of WF will count as a F in GPA calculation  Must get advisor permission  Late withdrawals can be considered after the end of the semester on a case-by-case basis for medical issues, military deployments, or change in employment/family circumstances  Refund Appeals under the late withdrawal period may be considered in cases of extreme medical conditions and military deployment. Contact with the advisor is required  It is important to contact your advisor as soon as you know there is an issue. It is easier to solve during the semester, as opposed to after the semester has ended.

9 Taking Time Off Taking off just one semester  Continuous Enrollment  Students are always welcome to take one (or more) semesters away from the program  Students must enroll in the continuous enrollment option prior to add/drop end date.  The fee is $275.00 and maintains your place in the program.  If you take more than one term away you must enroll in continuous enrollment for each spring and fall term you will be away.  Summers are optional and do not fall into the continuous enrollment requirement. Requesting a Leave of Absence  If you know you will be away from the program for more than 2 semesters (one academic year) you must contact your advisor and request a formal leave of absence.  A memo must be sent for this request to be official.  The following are acceptable leave requests:  Pregnancy, adoption, caring for an elderly relative, medical conditions, financial constraints, military deployment, and other approved conditions.  You must continue to enroll in continuous enrollment for each spring and fall term you will be away and pay the fee each term. Again summer is not included.  The continuous enrollment fee is waived for military deployment with the submission of formal travel/deployment orders.  When you are ready to return you simply enroll in the next term.

10 Taking Time Off cont. Withdrawing from the University  Should you come to the point where you are no longer able to continue in the program and wish to withdraw permanently, this is allowed. Please follow these steps:  Contact your advisor  Review the leave of absence requirements  Review the readmission requirements  Confirm with the advisor this is your intent  A formal withdrawal memo will be sent on your behalf.  You do not need to do anything else at this point, unless you owe money to the Bursar.  You can withdraw for any reason. Requesting Readmission  Readmission can be requested after you have either been automatically withdrawn for failure to enroll or if you have withdrawn yourself. Readmission after academic suspension is based on policies outlined in the Graduate School Bulletin (Please see the link on the module 3 homepage under additional resources.  Follow these steps to request readmission:  Contact the program advisor with request. The advisor will review your transcripts and if approved write a memo requesting your readmission  Contact the Graduate school. You will need to pay the readmit fee $125.00 and the continuous enrollment fee for each spring and fall term you were away, up to $2000.00 max.

11 Course Transfer Policies  Non-degree UMass courses:  If you took courses as a non-degree student prior to matriculation please contact the advisor to request the courses transfer into the degree  Courses will transfer as long as you got a B or better in each course  You are limited to 4 courses or 12 credits, no more than this will transfer  If you combine non-degree and outside UMass courses, you are limited to 2-non- degree and 2 outside for a total of 4 courses  Outside UMass courses  If you took courses at another institution, up to 2 courses or 6 credits may transfer if they meet the following criteria:  The course is Graduate Level  Course is from the US. Foreign courses will not transfer  The course is not older than 3 years  You got a B or better  The course has not been used to obtain any other degree or certificate  You provide a syllabus and official transcripts and the course is approved by UMass faculty as equivalent

12 Graduation  Completion of 42 credits or currently enrolled in final course/s  Achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher  Achieved a B- or better in all 5 core courses and the research methods course  Completion of all incompletes  Completion of the Capstone  No outstanding Bursar bills  Submission of the Master’s Degree Eligibility form-you will be contacted by the advisor during your last semester  3 deadlines each academic year: September, February, and May  All students are invited to march in commencement in May of each year.

13 Acknowledgment of Policies  You have now completed module 3. Please go to the module 3 webpage and download the Acknowledgment of Policies form.  You must sign this form and return it to Lori Peterson ( ), department advisor no later than July 15 th,  Thank you!

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