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Records Retention General Schedule #17 Michigan Public Libraries James C. Seidl Director

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1 Records Retention General Schedule #17 Michigan Public Libraries James C. Seidl Director

2 Public Records Section 491 of the Michigan Penal Code (MCL ) declares that all official books, papers, and records created by (or received in) any office or agency of the political subdivisions of the state of Michigan are considered public property belonging to the people of the state.

3 Managing Electronic Records Public records are created in a variety of formats, and increasingly they are created using computers. Agencies that create electronic records are responsible for ensuring that these records remain accessible for their retention period, even if the original technology becomes obsolete.

4 General and Agency Specific Schedules Covers records that are common to a particular type of local government agency. General schedules may not address every single record that a particular agency may have in its possession. General schedules do not mandate that any of the records listed on the schedule be created. However if they are created in the normal course of business, the schedule establishes a retention period for them. Public Libraries Schedule #17 Any record that is not covered by a general schedule must be listed on an agency specific schedule. These schedules cover records that are unique to a particular local government agency. Agency-specific schedules always supersede general schedules and may not be used by another agency.

5 Definitions of Retention Codes The retention codes that appear are used to establish how long records are retained by the creating agency before they are destroyed. In addition to the retention code, a period of time, year, and or months can be used in the calculation. Years are expressed as whole numbers and months are expressed as fractions: 0/6 represents 6 months.

6 Definitions of Retention Codes ACT = Active An active code is usually assigned to records that are case or project related. The records are retained until the case or project is closed. (Registration Forms) CR = Creation A creation code is assigned to records when a definitive retention period can be assigned. The retention period is usually based on a calendar year and where there are no conditions that must be met. (Budget-Doc)

7 EXP = Expiration An expiration code is typically assigned to contracts, grants or other types of agreements that must be retained until an expiration date or other legal condition has been met. (Union Contract Negotiation Files) FY = Fiscal Year A fiscal year code is similar to a CR code. The code is assigned to records when a definitive retention period can be assigned, however the retention is based on a fiscal year rather than a calendar year. (Monthly Financial Reports)

8 SUP = Superseded A superseded code is typically assigned to records that are updated or revised at various times during the records lifetime. (Backup tapes) EVT = Event Event codes are assigned to records when a retention period is based on a future action or condition. We use this code when we know that a future action or condition will be met, but we dont know exactly when it will happen. (Computer Use Schedules)

9 DISP = Immediate Disposal Immediate disposal is a retention code that is used when an agency requires an authorization to destroy obsolete records upon the approval of their records retention and disposal schedule. PERM = Permanent These records are not authorized for destruction at any point in time, and will be retained in the custody of the creating agency. (Bylaws, Policies)

10 Board of Directors (p1-2) 1.BylawsPERM 2.Policies, Procedures, & DirectivesPERM 3.Annual ReportsPERM 4.Meeting RecordsOpen sessionsPERM 5.Meeting RecordsClosed SessionsEVT Closed session meeting records shall be destroyed 1 year, plus 1 day from the date that the meeting minutes are approved.

11 Administration (p5-7) 6.Administration-General CorrespondenceCR+2 7.Director/Assistant Directors reportsCR+7 8.Administrative Subject FilesACT+5 9.Meeting Records-Internal StaffCR+2 10.Planners/CalendarsCR+2 11.Donor Files-Monetary DonationsCR+7 Donor Files-Property DonationsACT 12.Friends of the Library FilesACT 13.Annual Reports to the LMCR Grant FilesACT

12 Administration (p5-7) 15.Millage RecordsCR+6 16.Accident Reports/ClaimsCR+7 17.Patron Disciplinary FilesACT+5 18.Strategic Planning-Develop DocSUP 19.Strategic Planning-Final Approved DocPERM 20.Freedom of Information Act FOIACR+1

13 Finance (p8-11) 20.Final Annual BudgetCR Budget DocumentationCR+5 22.Annual Financial Report/AuditCR Monthly Financial ReportsFY+7 24.Account Payable/ReceivableFY+7 25.Journal Entries/General LedgerFY+7 26.Balance SheetFY+7 27.Deposit Slips and Cancelled checksFY+7 28.InvoicesFY+7 29.Purchase/Order RecordsFY+7

14 Finance (p8-11) 30.Sales RecordsFY+7 31.Cash ReceiptsFY+6 32.Petty Cash VouchersFY+7 33.Bank Statements & ReconciliationsFY+6 34.ContractsEXP+6 35.LeasesEXP+6 36.Legal OpinionsPERM 37.Litigation FilesACT+5 38.Annual Inventory and Depreciation SchFY+7 39.State Tax ReturnsFY+7

15 Finance (p8-11) 40.Payroll Deduction/Liability Records FY+7 41.InsuranceEXP+6 42.Bids Not AwardedCR+7 43.W-2 FormsFY+6 44.Employer Contributions to RetirementFY+7 45.Payroll SummariesFY+7

16 Facilities Management (p11) 46.Blueprints/Building PlansPERM 47.Licenses and PermitsEXP+1 48.Inspection ReportsACT 49.Hazardous Materials Safety Data SheetACT Security LogCR+3 51.Surveillance TapesCR+0/2 52.Vehicle FilesACT

17 Human Resources (p12-15) 54.Personnel Files Retirement, Leave, and Life InsACT+40 Application, Hiring, Salary, and PositionACT+7 Withholding FormsSUP+6 Health PlansSUP+1 Union MembershipACT Electronic Funds TransferACT+1 55.I-9 File (Immigration)EVT+3 56.Staff Work SchedulesACT+2 57.Time and AttendanceCR+7

18 Human Resources (p12-15) 58.Vacation & Sick Leave FY+7 59.Time OFF/Vacation RequestsFY+1 60.Employee Injury Records-ExposureACT Employee Injury Records-Non ExposureACT+7 62.GrievancesACT+7 63.Union Contract Negotiation FilesEXP+3 64.Staff NewsletterACT 65.Job Applications-Not Interviewed/hiredCR+1 66.Job Applications-Interviewed/not hiredCR+2 67.Workers Disability Compensation ACT+10

19 Human Resources (p12-15) 68.Job DescriptionsSUP 69.Volunteer/Sub Employee Personnel ACT 70.Continuing EducationACT

20 Information Technology (p15-16) 71.User AccountsACT 72.Electronic Equipment InventoryACT 73.Network Drop Map/SchematicACT 74.Integrated Library System SUP 75.Back-up TapesSUP 76.Software GuidesACT 77.Web/Intranet FilesACT 78.Web Server and RouterACT 79.Library/Cooperative WebsiteACT

21 Support Services (p.16-18) 80.Order RecordsCR+7 81.Magazine Order RecordsACT 82.Memorials Book DonationsACT 83.Shelf ListAct 84.Circulation CardsACT 85.Bibliographic RecordsACT 86.Item Level RecordsACT 87.Authority FilesACT 88.Patron Registration FormsACT 89.Patron DatabaseACT

22 Support Services (p.16-18) 90.Internet Use AgreementsACT 91.Computer Use SchedulesEVT 92.Overdue NoticesACT 93.Overdue/Fine RecordsACT 94.Interlibrary Loan RecordsACT 95.Monthly Circulation ReportsCR+5 96.Reference StatisticsACT

23 Programming and Publicity (p18-19) 97.Publicity,Design, & Production ReqCR+1 98.Publicity and Programming FilesCR+3 99.Mailing ListsACT 100.PhotographsACT 101.Contest Entry FormsACT+0/1 102.Exhibit FilesEVT Library Publicity & Historical FilesPERM 104.Library NewslettersPERM 105.Press ReleasesACT

24 Local History Collection (p19-20) 106.Donor FilesPERM 107.Accession RecordsPERM 108.Processing FilesPERM 109.Finding AidsACT

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