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Выполнила: Рыбакова Т.В. Учитель английского языка.

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1 Выполнила: Рыбакова Т.В. Учитель английского языка.

2  As sly as a fox, as strong as an ox.  As fast as a hare, as brave as a bear.  As free as a bird, as neat as a word.  As quiet as a mouse, as big as a house.  All I wanna be, all I wanna be, oh.  All I wanna be is everything.

3 an ox

4 a horse

5 a cow

6 a turtle

7 a tiger

8 a dog

9 a bear

10 A hen

11 a wolf

12 an elephant

13 a lion

14 a snake

15 a frog

16 a penguin

17 an owl

18 a fox

19 A parrot

20 a mouse

21 a giraffe

22 a crocodile a crocodile


24 a hare

25 a pig

26 a monkey



29 First group- wild animals Second group- domestic animals.  A horse, a cow, a turtle, a dog, a bear, a hen, a wolf, a snake, an elephant, a lion, a snake, a frog, a penguin, an owl, a fox, a parrot, a mouse, a giraffe, a crocodile, a camel, a hare, a pig, a monkey, a dolphin, a squirrel, an ox.










39  I always…..  I ….. twice a day.  I ….. every evening.  I…. twice a week.  I …. once a week.  I ….twice a year.  I ….. sometimes.  I often …..  Ex: I always talk with my pet. I feed my pet twice a day. I take my pet for a walk every evening. Etc.

40  Example:  A: Have you fed your pet today?  B: Yes, I have.  A: Have you taken your pet for a walk?  B: No, I haven’t. Ect.

41  Can you hop like a rabbit?  Can you jump like a frog?  Can you walk like a duck?  Can you run like a dog?  Can you fly like a bird?  Can you swim like a fish?  Can you be like a good child  As still as you wish?

42  What are Diamond and Prim?  Whose dog was Diamond?  Whom did Prim belong to?  Why did they become famous?  Do you know any famous Russian pets?

43  1group 2 group  Cats’ names- Dogs’ names-  Fishes’ names- Parrots’ name-  Hamsters’ names- Guinea-pigs’ names-  Rabbits’ names- Tortoises’ names-


45  It can be very aggressive. It likes to eat meat and fish. It is very wild. It lives in the water.

46  It is big and brown It likes to sleep in winter. It can swim very well. It likes to eat honey berries fish and meat.

47  It is nice cunning clever. It lives in the forest. It is reddish and likes to eat hens, rabbits and other small animals

48 It is funny and clever. it can run climb jump very well. It likes bananas

49  It is the biggest animal in the world. It lives in the ocean but it is not a fish.

50  It is a bird but it cannot fly.

51 This animal is very unusual. It cannot walk, run, fly. It can only jump. It lives in Australia. Kangaroo

52  Tell us about your pet. These questions will help you to do it. Use any photos, pictures, ect.  What pet do you have?  What is your pet’s name?  What colour is your pet?  Is your pet big or small?  What can your pet do?  What does your pet eat and drink?  What characteristics of your pet can you name?  Do you like your pet and why?

53 Love the ANIMALS – THEY are our friends !

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