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Strategic Management BPS Fall 2015

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1 Strategic Management BPS 4305-502 Fall 2015
Instructor: Dr. Zhiang “John” LIN Teaching Assistant: Huy “Will” Nguyen

2 Course Objectives Understand basic strategic management theories and concepts as well as external environments, internal resources, and strategic problems of a firm; Practice skills and knowledge acquired in finance, accounting, marketing, and MIS courses to conduct strategic management research and create intelligent and successful solutions; Train leadership responsibilities and work with other people in teams and develop both oral and written communication abilities;

3 Textbook Textbook Title: Global Strategy (3rd Edition)
Publisher: South-Western Cengage Learning, 2014 Author: Mike W. Peng ISBN-10:  ISBN-13:

4 Course Requirements Individual Class Participation (15%)
Attendance (partial or whole) and participation during the semester Sign-in sheet (at beginning of each class) and class observations by teaching assistant and instructor Only consistent class participation and regular attendances will guarantee an A level grade in this category Individual Case Analysis (15%) A two to three page (double spaced) case analysis for a designated case selected from the textbook – SolarWorld USA (Integrative Case 6) Due at the beginning of the fifth class (9/25) Group Case Discussion (25%) Research one company from the list in the syllabus or own choice Submit a five-page written analysis (double spaced) Conduct presentation/discussion to the class at designated class time (about 35 minutes)

5 Course Requirements (-cont)
Business News Discussion (15%) Discussion leading for a business news (posted at: Submission of a written article review (two to three pages, double spaced) Grades will be based on effective interactions and strategic applications Quiz (30%) Cover concepts, theories, and their applications from Chapters 1-12 Allow notes on one piece of paper (regular letter size with double sides) Quiz date: 12/4, 120 minutes (no make-ups) Final Grade (=100%) Based on the weighted average of the above five requirements Final grade checking: 12/7 (12:30 PM -2:00 PM, in the instructor’s office)

6 Important Notes Read the syllabus carefully as most of your questions are answered there. Students are responsible for proper conducts and for following specific requirements and dates in the syllabus Updates, if any, will be posted at the instructor’s web site ( and also announced in the class. and phone communications will NOT involve discussions of specific grade information No late or electronic submissions of assignments No make-up exam or lecture

7 Other Class Matters Forming Groups
There should be a total of seven (7) groups, with each having 6 people (may be adjusted depending on enrollment) Selection of a Company for Group Case Selection Each group selects one from the list not yet been chosen Or think of an alternative company choice Selection of a Business News The dates for all business news are pre-determined and listed in the syllabus (see Assignments & Academic Calendar part) A group should pick a different date for business news discussion than for group case discussion Short Survey Turn in to the instructor by the second class Count as part of class participation

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