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Ch. 16, Sec 1 Hitlers Lighting War Group Members Robert Sellers Tara Conaway Amanda White Mark Lyman Haley Seaman.

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1 Ch. 16, Sec 1 Hitlers Lighting War Group Members Robert Sellers Tara Conaway Amanda White Mark Lyman Haley Seaman

2 Terms & Names Non-aggression pact Blitzkrieg Charles De Gaulle Winston Churchill Battle of Britain Erwin Rommel Atlantic Charter

3 Non-aggression Pact An agreement in which nations promise not to attack one another.Joseph Stalin signed a ten year agreement with Hitler.

4 Blitzkrieg Also known as “Lightning War.”A form of warfare in which surprise attacks with fast moving airplanes are followed by massive attacks with infantry forces.

5 Charles De Gaulle After France fell this French general set up exile of the government in London.

6 Winston Churchill The new British Prime minister had declared that his nation would never give in.In a rousing speech he declared: –“–“We shall fight on the beaches, We shall fight on the landing grounds, We shall fight in the fields and the streets…we shall NEVER give in.”

7 Battle of Britain A series of battles between British and German airforces fought over Britain in 1940-1941.

8 Erwin Rommel The man under command of general during the Africa Korps, and also was part of a crack German tank force. This attack was in late March of 1941.

9 Atlantic Charter A declaration of principles issued in August 1941 by British Prime minister Winston Churchill and US president Franklin D. Roosevelt, on which the allied peace plan at the end of WWII was based.

10 Germany Sparks A War In Europe Conference J. Stalin was not eager to join with the West and Hitler had promised him territory. Secret part of the pact, Germany and the Soviet Union agreed to divide Poland between them.

11 Germany Sparks…Cont… Hitlers surprise attack to conquer Poland took place on September 1, 1939. France & Great Britain declared war on Germany on September 3. Hitler annexed the Western half of Poland this region had a large population of Germans. September 17 J. Stalin sent nearly one million Soviet Troops to Finland to fight but were not prepared for Winter fighting. Hitler launched a surprise invasion of Denmark & Norway.

12 The Fall Of France May 1940, Hitler began a dramatic sweep through the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg. This was part of a strategy to strike France. After reaching the French coast the German forces swung North again and joined with German troops in Belgium.

13 Fall Of France cont… Soon the French forces was over run by the Germans and were forced to retreat to the beaches of Dunkirk. There, GB sent a fleet of about 850 chips across the English Channel to Dunkirk. Along with Royal Navy Ships, Civilian crafts such as Yachts, Lifeboats, Motorboats, and fishing boats joined the effort. May 26 th to June 4 th, the armada under heavy fire from German bombers sailed back and forth from Britain to Dunkirk.

14 The Battle Of Britain Great Britain stood alone after the fall of France. Winston Churchill said in a speech that he would not surrender. Germany began bombing Great Britain in the summer of 1940. They bombed airfields and aircraft factories. In September of 1940, they began to bomb cities, their main target however was London. With odds against them the Royal Air Force(RAF) fought back using radar, which was developed in the 1930’s with a German Code making machine named Enigma.

15 Battle Of Britain Cont… This enabled Great Britain to decode and read secret German messages. In October 1940 Germany began attacking at night. Londoners flocked to subways and air raid shelters. These attacks continued until May 1941.

16 The Mediterranean and The Eastern Front The stubborn resistance of the British in the Battle of Britain caused a shift in Hitler’s strategy. Hitler decided to deal with Great Britain later. Hitler then turned his attention East to the Mediterranean and the Balkans---and the ultimate prize, the Soviet Union. Axis Forces Attack North America: Germany’s 1 st objective in the med. Was north africa mainly because of Hitler’s partner Mussolini. After declaring war with France & G.B. mussolini moved into France.

17 The Med. & The Eastern Front Cont… Britain Strikes Back: In December Britain finally struck back, and the result was disasterous for the Italians.

18 The U.S. Aids Its Allies Most Americans felt that the US should not get involved in the war. Between 1935 and 1937, congress had passed a series of Neutrality Acts. The laws made it legal to sell arms or lend money to nations at war. But president Roosevelt new that if the allies fell the US would be drawn into the war. In Sept. of 1939 he asked congress to allow the allies to buy american arms. By the summer of 1941, the US navy was escorting british ships carrying US arms.

19 The US aids…cont.. On Sept. 4 th a German U-boat fired on a US destroyer in the Atlantic. The US was now involved in an undeclared naval war with Hitler. To almost everyone’s surprise however the attack that actually drew the US into the war did not come from Germany. It came from Japan.

20 Hitler’s Lightning War Cross-Word

21 References WWW.dogpile.COM McDougal Littell Modern World History

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