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Design Schools & Resources SJSU, Cal Poly & SFSU.

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1 Design Schools & Resources SJSU, Cal Poly & SFSU

2 SJSU BA – Art, concentrate in Design Studies BFA – Graphic Design BS - Industrial Design BFA - Interior Design BFA - Art, concentrate in Animation/ Illustration BA vs. BFA BA = Bachelor of Arts. Board-based study of graphic design principles, history & theory. BFA = Bachelor of Fine Arts More professional & practical. It is for you to pursue the career. You need to pass 2 portfolio reviews for admission to the program (link) you need to pass 2 Jr. and Sr. reviews to finish the GD program(link)

3 BA – Art, concentrate in Design Studies With careful planning and selection of courses, you can get the BA of Art and minor in Art History and Visual Culture. Consult departmental advisor for details BFA – Graphic Design This program is very detail and cover lot of things. It includes photography, typography (3 levels), brand identity, motion graphic, web user interface…etc

4 BS - Industrial Design This is famous program and win many awards It has portfolio reviews on regular basis too You’ll expect to learn to produce products that not only meet aesthetic purpose but also functional and sustainable. You also learn model making, materials and manufacturing…etc If you interests on physics, circuit, electronic and drafting, product design is good for you. Software: autoCAD, solidWork

5 BFA - Interior Design A step to architecture program You can learn to draw draft and blueprint in autoCAD. Turn the idea from 2D into 3D. You can learn lighting design, furniture design and fabrication You also learn the legal codes and regulations related to construction. Career: - Designing restaurants or hotel rooms. - Helping the realtor to decorate the house and do the staging before putting to the market. - Designing event decoration for shopping mall in Holidays and festivals or window decoration for famous store You need to pass the portfolio review in this program

6 BFA - in Animation/ Illustration an award-winning program w/ affordable price. industry professionals and peer educators You’ll learn both traditional 2D illustration and 3D animation You’ll also learn motion, 3D modeling, storyboarding & character design. You’ll need to complete the internship If student cannot maintain 3.0 GPA, the BFA status will be changed to BA. (link)(link)

7 Cal Poly Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design Bachelor of Fine Arts Graphic Design Photography Studio Art Graphic Design Advertising, package design, electronic publishing, environmental graphics and motion graphics Typography, illustration, brand identity & print technology It has connection w/ AIGA (Amer. Institute of Graphic Arts) Position: Graphic Designer, Art Director and Creative Director for advertising agencies, design studios and corporate design dept.

8 Photography You can learn advertising and portrait photography. Traditional photographic processes, digital image making & large format photography. Video & multimedia production Joint projects with graphic design students Studio Art Broad-based education in visual arts Work in both 2D and 3D media Positions in education and museum/ gallery management

9 SFSU BA in Industrial Arts BS in Visual Communication Design BS in Industrial Design, concentrate in product design BA in Cinema BA vs. BS You’ll spend one more year for Bachelor of Science (BS) When you register classes, senior has first priority. Then, junior… Also, they’ll see if this is your major. If this is core course for BS student and elective for BA student, of course, the teacher let BS student to add this class.

10 BA in Cinema Animation (5 courses) Fiction filmmaking Documentry filmmaking Media & culture Other Design Schools California College of the Arts Academy of Art University – : 100% acceptance -  : expensive only 12 units transferable

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