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Irene Rico Division Administrator Federal Highway Administration Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21 st Century ~ MAP-21.

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1 Irene Rico Division Administrator Federal Highway Administration Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21 st Century ~ MAP-21

2 History of Federal-Aid MAP-21 Authorization MAP-21 Core Programs Expansion of National Highway Systems Performance Management Support for Safety Support for Innovation Next Authorization Overview

3 History Federal Aid-Funding in Virginia ISTEA Total Virginia: 1992: $361 M 1993: $486 M 1994: $394 M 1995: $303 M 1996: $438 M 1997: $466 M

4 History Federal Aid-Funding in Virginia TEA-21Total Virginia: 1998: $584 M 1999: $683 M 2000: $771 M 2001: $783 M 2002: $807 M 2003: $663 M

5 History Federal Aid-Funding in Virginia SAFETY-LU Total for Virginia 2004: $830 M 2005: $853 M 2006: $850 M 2007: $1.05 B 2008: $1.02 B 2009: $915 M 2010: $913 M 2011: $943 M 2012: $986 M

6 MAP-21 Authorization 2013-2014 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act signed into law July 6, 2012 Funding surface transportation programs at over $105 billion for fiscal years 2013 and 2014 Virginia received $986M in FY 2013

7 MAP-21 Streamlines Programs The complex array of existing programs is simplified Substantially consolidating the program structure Smaller number of broader core programs

8 MAP-21 Core Programs National Highway Performance Program (NHPP) Surface Transportation Program (STP) Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) Metropolitan Planning

9 $37.7 Billion/Year in Formula Funding National Highway Performance Program ($21.8) 58% Surface Transportation Program ($10.0) 26.5% HSIP ($2.2) CMAQ ($2.2) Transportation Alternatives ($0.8) Metro Planning ($0.3) Note: Amounts in $ billions; individual program amounts do not add exactly to total due to rounding Railway-Highway Crossing ($0.2)

10 MAP-21 National Highway System MAP-21 expands the National Highway System (NHS) to incorporate principal arterials not previously included MAP-21 investment targets the National Highway System MAP-21 establishes a performance basis for maintaining and improving the NHS

11 MAP-21 National Highway System States must develop an asset management plan No plan results in reduction of Federal share for NHPP projects to 65% vs. 80 % US DOT Secretary will establish performance measures for Interstate and NHS pavements States will establish targets If Interstate pavement conditions fall below the minimum set State must devote resources (a specified portion of NHPP and STP funds) to improve conditions

12 MAP-21 Performance Management MAP-21 establishes a performance based program For more efficient investment of Federal transportation funds Transportation investment decision making through performance-based planning and programming

13 National Performance Measures will be released in three groups: – (1) Safety; – (2) Asset measures for pavements and bridges; and – (3) System performance, reliability (freight), congestion (CMAQ) and emissions (CMAQ) The Status 2 measures estimated to come out 12/13 The Status 3 measures estimated to come out in 3/14 National Performance Measures

14 MAP-21 Supports Safety MAP-21 continues the Highway Safety Improvement Program Increasing funding for infrastructure safety It also continues to build on other aggressive safety efforts Including the Department’s fight against distracted driving

15 MAP-21 Promotes Innovation MAP-21 incorporates changes at ensuring timely delivery of transportation projects Innovation and efficiency in the development of projects From planning, environmental process, to project delivery

16 Innovation Every Day Counts 2 & SHRP2 Intelligent Compaction When pavement begins to crack and crumble prematurely, potentially not compacted properly Intelligent compaction (IC) rollers greatly improve the quality, uniformity and long-lasting performance of pavements IC use in nationwide projects proves to be a cost- effective method for accelerating highway pavement construction Cost-benefit analyses indicate that investment in IC will break even within 1 to 2 years

17 SHRP2 – Preservation of High- Volume Roadways (R26) SHRP2 has developed a series of guidelines and technical summaries To help transportation agencies identify the best options and Proper timing to apply pavement preservation techniques Benefits Reduce both the duration of maintenance and rehabilitation projects Long-term cost savings by increasing pavement service life Extending the timeframe between expensive, large- scale rehabilitation projects

18 Beyond MAP-21 Future Transportation Bill The programs will not change much A few adjustments to programs The biggest issue, funding amount and for how long This FY 2014 will be busy working on: – Measures – Performance Management Planning and Programming – Asset Plans – Targets Performance Management, SAFETY, Innovation, Expediting Program Delivery will be in the our future


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