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Hand Tools Power Tools Shop Equipment Measurement.

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2 Hand Tools Power Tools Shop Equipment Measurement

3 Tools Use of shop tools is a Privilege not a right Student are responsible for all tools Tools MUST be cleaned and returned in the same condition they were checked out


5 Hand Tools Wrenches Several types 1.Open end wrench 2.Boxed end wrench 3.Combination wrench 4.Line wrench 5.Adjustable wrench (crescent or monkey) 6.Pipe wrench 7.Allen wrench 8.Ratcheting wrench 9.Ratchet and Sockets

6 Wrench Precautions Always use proper type, size, and length NEVER hammer on a wrench Use longer wrench Use a Slug wrench Always check the condition of the wrench before use

7 Wrench Measurement Conventional vs. Metric Conventional Unit of measurement: Fractions of an inch Examples: 1/16”, 1/8, ¼,” ½”, 1”, 1½”, Metric Unit of Measurement: Millimeters Examples: 7mm,10mm, 21mm, 32mm

8 Most Common Wrench All available in Conventional or Metric Open End all sides have an opening Boxed End All sides a closed Combination Has both an open and a boxed end

9 Line Wrenches Used specifically for Line Nuts: Any tubes on a vehicle that carry fluid or gas are referred to as lines Fuel lines, brakes line, Transmission lines, Coolant lines

10 Allen Wrenches Uses: Allen Bolts Allen Bolts= Hexagon Shaped Hole Sizes: Both Conventional & Standard Types: 90 degree Folding Set T-Handle

11 Adjustable vs. Pipe Wrench Adjustable/ Crescent Wrench (Monkey) Used by Auto Techs. Should only be used when proper size is unavailable Uses adjustment nut to widen or narrow mouth Pipe Wrench Used by plumbers Should only be used on pipes Uses adjustment nut to widen or narrow mouth

12 Sockets And Handles Socket= attachments used in conjunction with various types of handles to adapt to size variations and space limitations. Handle types Ratchet Speed Handle Breaker Bar Torque Wrench T handles Nut Driver

13 Sockets Made to fit various types and Drive sizes of handles Most common handle sizes ¼” drive 3/8” drive ½” drive ¾” drive 1” drive Sockets Points Points refer to # of sides # of sides allows for ease of rotation in limited space and for specialty heads with various # of sides Common # of points 4 6 8 12

14 Handles Ratchets Have ratcheting mechanism inside head to increase speed and ease of removal and installation of nuts and bolts Also have a switch to change direction Speed Handles Shaped like old cartoon drills Has a free spinning knob that allows for speedy rotation Require 2 hands 1 hand hold end 1 hand turns crank

15 Handles Breaker Bar Handle without ratchet mech. Used to free extremely tight nuts and bolts that would cause the ratchet mech. to break Torque Wrench Handle w/ or w/out ratchet mech. Used to tighten nuts and bolt to a specific amount of pressure measured in Foot pound Inch pound Kilograms of Force Newton meters Not used for removal

16 Handles T-Handle Nut Driver Similar to screwdriver Driver handle w/ sockets of various sizes attached to other end

17 Adapters Extensions Attachment used to add space between handle and socket Allow access to recessed bolt hole Universal Joints Used to access hard to reach angles Has joint that allows extension to pivot up to 90 o

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