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By: Melodie Galvan Rheed Lee Gerardo Meza Jimmy Padrigan.

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1 By: Melodie Galvan Rheed Lee Gerardo Meza Jimmy Padrigan

2 Beats Movement defined The Beats generation originated in the 1940, in New York but boomed in San Francisco, in response to the gory of World War Two, the war affected the beats poets by making them question mainstream politics and cultures. These unique artists focused on challenging old fashion poetry by form a poetry that consists of a conscious form of writing. Along with their artistic skills, beat poets normally used hallucinates and alcohol to boost their articulate writing.

3 Poetic Techniques Rhyme Looser, more syncopated rhythm, similar to jazz. Slang words No periods Imagery (religious) Free verse Symbols Concept: spontaneous prose( literature coming from soul and without concious restrictions

4 Themes Centered on liberation for Black people, homosexuals, women and Native Americans Promote discrimination of marijuana and other drugs. Beliefs of non conformity and individualism Encourage rejection of capitalism values of mainstream USA. Lament loss of personal values and faith.

5 Marianne Moore Born November 15, 1887 Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She attended Bryn Mawr College before moving to Brooklyn, New York Began a successful poetry career. Moore won a Pulitzer and Bollingen Prizes and a National Book Award.

6 Marianne Moore

7 Gary Snyder  Gary Snyder was born in San Francisco, but his family moved to a farm outside of Seattle when he was two, and he grew up in the Pacific Northwest  In 1947 he enrolled in Reed College and shared a house with two other young poets, Philip Whalen and Lew Welch  In 1952 he moved to San Francisco and then rented a small cottage in Berkeley while he studied, and when he met Beat writers Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, his cottage became one of the hangouts for the young Beat movement.  He now teaches poetry half the year at the University of California at Davis and also lectures on ecology and the environment

8 Gary Snyder

9 Allen Ginsberg Born June 03, 1926 in NJ Died April 05, 1997 Mother was communist and took him to communist parties Attented Columbia University Homosexual and used drugs (benzedrine) Most famous piece was “Howl” Other poems: Kaddish,America,A supermarket in California.

10 Allen Ginsberg

11 Jack Kerouac Born: March 12,1922 Died: October 21, 1969 Died from alcohol abuse American novelist and poet Referred to as a literary iconoclast Became an underground celebrity Notable Works · On the Road · Doctor Sax · The Dharma Burns · Mexico City Blues · The Subterraneans · Desolation Angels

12 Jack Kerouac

13 Artwork from Movement



16 AP Style Writing Prompts 1. Many writers from the Beats movement used the ideas of Buddhism within their works of literature. Explain the significance and the role that Buddhism played in the theme and ideas of writers in the Beats movement. 2. The ideas and writing from the Beats movement influenced ideas such as rejection of the prevailing American middle-class values and protesting against common culture. Explain its influence in writers and culture in today’s society.

17 Poetry Lesson Write a poem as if you were an adolescent rebeling against the ways and values of “grown up” America.

18 Quiz 1.) When was the Beats generation established? A.In the early 20’s just after WWI B.In modern days, the 90’s C.1957 D.In the 40’s 2.) In what city did the Generation begin? A.New York B.Massachusetts C.San Francisco D.Daygo

19 3.) What form of writing did this culture bring to American poetry? A.Stream of Consciousness B.Precise punctuation to show rhythm C.Rhyme 1-2 D.No rhyme, basic 4.) What did the beats battle? A.Social poverty B.Racism C.Politics and culture D.Fashion and conformity?

20 5.) Which of the following are most likely to influence the beats generation’s poetic articulate writing skills? A.Marijuana B.Alcohol C.College D.Both A&C and hecks no, not C!!!!!!!

21 Thank You!

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