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Chapter 6 American Pageant, 13 th. ed The Duel for North America.

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1 Chapter 6 American Pageant, 13 th. ed The Duel for North America

2 Remember… 3 points of European contact in North America France (Quebec, Canada) Spain (Southwest & Florida) England (Eastern seaboard)

3 Les français Louis XIV leads imperial charge for land in the New World Samuel de Champlain settled area in New France (Canada) at Quebec (1608) Economically relied on fur trade; made nice with Native American tribes except Iroquois 66_champlain_770.jpg

4 The French enter the picture French control descended into Ohio River Valley and led to the founding many familiar places: Louisiana (territory) Detroit Des Moines St. Louis Baton Rouge New Orleans

5 French & British tensions escalate In Europe & Canada fighting erupted between Fr. & GB (late 1600s) King Williams’ War Queen Anne’s War Spain took France’s side, in Europe & later America Both Britain & France had Indian tribes on their side in Canada & America; colonists backed Britain (that’s right) Britain will gain upper hand & trade with Spanish in America & Caribbean

6 War of Jenkin’s Ear 1739-1748 British Captain Robert Jenkins’ ship boarded by Spanish guard (revenue authority) Jenkins’ ear severed & war began between Britain & Spain; fought in Caribbean & Georgia Turned into King George’s War (War of Austrian succession) Colonists invade New France b/c France backed Spain'_Ear_ map-fr.svg/484px-War_of_Jenkins'_Ear_map-fr.svg.png


8 Tensions grow (again) between Britain & France Conflict directly over Ohio Valley Virginian colonists had “rights” to this land (from Britain); expected to expand French had already started building forts along Ohio River (PA to IL) “It’s mine.” “No, it’s mine!” 21-year old George Washington & small Virginia militia head for disputed area near Fort Duquesne (map, pg. 112) Washington defeated at Fort Necessity (7/4/1754)

9 Seven Years’ War, 1756-1763 Ignited by Washington’s defeat at Ft. Necessity Primarily fought in Europe Extended into colonial holdings (Africa, West Indies) Britain & Prussia vs. France, Spain, Austria & Russia

10 French & Indian War, 1754-1763 Albany Congress formed in America (by order of Britain) 7/13 colonies attended; let’s play nice with Iroquois Indians Attempt at unity “Join or die” (Ben Franklin) Proposed home rule for colonies Britain nor colonies were ready for that

11 French & Indian War, 1754-1763 British General Edward “Bulldog” Braddock came to colonies Tried to take Fort Duquesne with Washington; failed against French & Indians; Braddock killed, Washington promoted

12 Ending the French & Indian War British General William Pitt focused on New France (Louisbourg, Quebec, Montreal) & won Treaty of Paris (1763) ended war French lost New France & Ohio Valley Spain lost Florida, but retained Cuba France ceded Louisiana to Spain for helping 63 Land ceded to Britain from France

13 Ending the French & Indian War Great Britain emerged as “THE” power in North America; colonists get pumped!!! Native Americans lost French & Spanish allies  Ohio Valley: Chief Pontiac (Ottawa tribe) w/French fur traders led raids on British to no avail Colonists want to move West; British issue Proclamation of 1763 No Westward expansion past Appalachians Colonists see this as more rules to follow What will happen next…hmmm.

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