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LYNX boreal forest By: esteban martigon 6 th grade Mr. Flores.

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1 LYNX boreal forest By: esteban martigon 6 th grade Mr. Flores

2 1.BIOME:BOREAL FOREST 2.CLIMTE:-10 – 30 f. 3.Location: Alaska 4.Organisms: lynx, red squirrel, gray owl, gray wolf, moose, and beaver.

3 Food chain 1.Producer: hemlock 2.1 st level consumer: red squirrel 3.2 nd level consumer: LYNX

4 hemlock 1.The hemlock is a tall tree with little spikes to protect itself from predators. 2.It can grow up to 40 – 70ft, and with a spread of 20 – 30ft. 3.Its predator is the red squirrel 4.They are not endangered but they will be soon if we don’t stop cutting them down to be used as poison, we can help by not using them as poison.

5 Red squirrel 1.The red squirrel is sometimes red, but it could also be gray, 2.It also has a thick fur to stay warm. 3.The red squirrel lives in burrows that they make. 4.It survives by staying mostly in the burrow because its predators (fox, cats) cant get in the burrow 5.nuts fall from the hemlock so the red squirrel can eat them 6.They communicate by the way they stand. 7.They will attack if you get near their territory they will rampage you (scratch) 8.The babies are naked when they are born 9.The red squirrel defends its young by staying outside the burrow so it can watch for predators. 10.We should not be concerned about the red squirrel there are lots of them

6 LYNX 1.the lynx looks like a fox mixed with a cat, but it has big pointy ears. 2.A lynx lives in dens. 3.the lynx has thick fur to keep it warm and big ears for good hearing. 4.the lynx eats mice, squirrels, snowshoe hare. 5.the wolf is the predator of the lynx 6.with strong legs it could kick and when your on the ground scratch you 7.thay make many types of yowling sounds to communicate 8.the older lynx keeps the baby in the den until its older 9.the baby and the older lynx both have good hearing but the baby is smaller than the older lynx 10.we shouldn’t be concerned about the lynx there are lots of them

7 food web

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