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By: Heather Gumbert Kara Leonard Marcia Radcliffe Jasmine Stukes.

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1 By: Heather Gumbert Kara Leonard Marcia Radcliffe Jasmine Stukes

2 General Manager Responsibilities  Opening and Closing the Restaurant – The GM must be able to know and handle all of the critical tasks associated with both opening and closing the restaurant.  Inventory – The GM will use daily food and beverage counts to make decisions concerning ordering for the restaurant.  Cash Handling – The GM will be accountable for all cash handling procedures including training employees on cash registers.  Marketing and Promotion – The GM will work with the chain’s marketing group to promote the new concept and make it successful.  Managing Labor and Wages – The GM will create and manage employees schedules to not only control labor costs but also ensure sufficient staffing each shift.  Coaching – The GM, along with shift supervisors will provide all coaching, rewarding and discipline.

3 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility  Value Statements Commitment to Service Excellence Commitment to Respect Commitment to Employees Commitment to Teamwork Commitment to Open Communication Commitment to Integrity  Community Involvement

4 Organization Traits  Diversity is a mindset, a continuous way of doing business.  Diversity is proactive and always imperative.  Diversity cannot be taught in one day.  Opportunities for cross-cultural mentoring exist and are encouraged by Max’s  Processes exist to resolve conflicts and prevent miscommunications.  Diversity does not only become important when there is a discrimination complaint.

5 Ensuring Diversity  Management will endorse Max’s diversity initiatives.  Diversity is integrated into the overall business strategy.  Diversity will be visible at all levels of the company.  Everyone will be seen as part of the organization’s diversity.  Recruitment will be done from a diverse pool of candidates.  Recruiters will be trained in bias-reduction.  Diversity will be reflected in the restaurants literature, website and any photos or artwork in the restaurant.

6 Internal Employee Relations  Disciplinary Action Process Performance Notation Disciplinary Action (Written Warning) Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Disciplinary Action (Final Warning) Termination

7 Internal Employee Relations  Employee Behavior  Administrative Leave  Termination/Resignation

8 HR Planning  Dishwashers – 2 Full-time working five 8 hour shifts each and 2 Part-time working 16+ hours each per week.  Prep Cooks – 4 Full-time working five 7-8 hour shifts each and 7-8 Part-time working 2-3 days per week approx 12- 20 hours to fill in schedule gaps and ensure ample coverage.  Order Takers – 3 Full-time order takers working five seven hour shifts per week and 3-4 Part-time order takers to fill in schedule gaps.  3 Full-time salaried supervisors who work 45+ hours per week.  All employees besides supervisors will be hourly employees who are eligible to receive overtime for hours worked beyond 40.

9 Employee Recruitment ran REDEEM FOR ONE FREE INTERVIEW @ MAX’S RESTAURANT 123 College Dr College Town, PA 12345 724-111-1111 We need you 100% for our team at Max’s Restaurant!!

10 Employee Selection and Orientation  Received applications will be screened to select qualified candidates to be interviewed.  Phone interviews will be conducted to determine an applicant’s level of interest in the position.  Preliminary interviews will be scheduled with a shift supervisor.  Final interviews will be conducted with the general manager.  Pre-employment drug test and background checks will be conducted.  Employment offers will be extended to candidates that pass assessments.  New hires will report for orientation.

11 Training and Development  Begin orientation process for all newly hired candidates  First level of training of web based courses  Second level of training consists of on- the-job training

12 Performance Management and Appraisal  Supervisor Performance Objectives: Working Relationships Supervisory Skills Conflict Management Skills  Prep Cook Objectives: Quality of Work Quantity of Work Job Knowledge

13 Direct Financial Compensation  Job Evaluation Cook Order Taker Dishwasher  Labor Markets General manager Hourly employee

14 Indirect Financial Compensation  Group Health Insurance – will be provided to all employees with a larger portion of the premium being covered for Full-time employees.  40 hours of paid sick time will be provided to all Full-time employees.  40 Hours of Paid Vacation time will be provided to all Full- time employees during the 1 st 3 years of employment, this amount will increase to 80 hours after 3 years of employment.  Up to 3 days of Bereavement for Full-time employees.  401K will be offered to all employees with a match by the company of up to 4%. Full vesting will take place after 4 years of employment.  Profit sharing will be distributed as additional deposits into the employee’s 401K account if the company is profitable and meets it’s objectives for that fiscal year.

15 Union Prevention  To prevent a union from forming Max’s will do the following: Ensure a safe work environment Have a competitive pay structure Provide job security Set up retirement account options Ensure that the construction and implementation of our policies are both fair to the company and employees


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