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Australia Indonesia Partnership for Emerging Infectious Diseases: Animal Health Program.

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1 Australia Indonesia Partnership for Emerging Infectious Diseases: Animal Health Program

2 Broad program goals – Sustainable strengthening of Indonesian government veterinary services – Focus on capacity to prevent, detect and response to EID and priority infectious diseases Guiding principles – Partnership – Sustainable development

3 AIP-EID: high-level outcomes 1.National Planning and Management – Strengthened national planning and management for disease prevention and control 2.Operational Systems: information systems, laboratories & quarantine – Strengthened operational ‘building blocks’ to support national animal health objectives 3.Sub-national veterinary services – Sustainable delivery of veterinary services in South and West Sulawesi

4 AIP-EID Component 1: National Planning and Management Systems strengthening and strategic planning— reviewing current systems and addressing agreed recommendations of the OIE Gap Analysis Support for development of DAH strategic plan Supporting work to address recommendation of the OIE gap analysis Workshop on the PVS process and international standards in animal health Socialisation, appreciation and practical implementation of laws and regulations related to animal health – Support the socialisation and implementation of regulations under Law 18/2009 (when finalised) animal health policy & strategy

5 AIP-EID Component 1: National Planning and Management Review of capacity to respond to outbreaks of infectious diseases in animals Support for FMD simulation exercise 2012 (Kalimantan) Review of emergency response capability with a focus on key elements of planning and management at the national level: response plans, coordination and emergency management systems, financial arrangements Prioritisation of diseases – Development of a framework for disease prioritisation; application to revise the national priority/strategic disease list Building capacity of MoA staff—professional development – Needs analysis and development of a strategy for long-term strengthening of human (technical) resources – Support further training and professional development of MoA staff Harmonisation of development partners (donors) – Support MoA to harmonise the animal health activities of international development partners animal health policy & strategy

6 AIP-EID Component 2.1: Animal Health Information Systems Review of Indonesia’s animal health information needs and capabilities – Holistic, including data collection/surveillance, data management and IT infrastructure, data analysis and reporting, use of information in decision making and policy development – Recommendations for strategic planning and activities to strengthen priority capabilities Development and operational roll-out of a laboratory information management system (InfoLab-Plus) – Review of progress to date (completed) and recommendations for future – Awaiting proposal from CSIRO on further development and roll-out surveillance & information systems

7 AIP-EID Component 2.2: Strengthening of Laboratory Operations Review of the Indonesian veterinary laboratories network – Capacity and coordination across Indonesia Training: diagnostic methods, quality assurance, biosafety/biosecurity – Brucellosis – Rabies – Anthrax PCR Training: technical and scientific operations under enhanced biosafety levels – Technical and Engineering maintenance of infrastructure – Practices and biosafety under BSL conditions Review of Indonesian capacity for sustainable reagent production – Review of current situation – Development of SOPs, training etc to support QA practices laboratory development/ diagnostics

8 AIP-EID Component 2.3: Strengthening of Quarantine Operations Review of animal and animal product risk pathways at the national and sub- national level Workshop on risk analysis Quarantine Animal health policy

9 AIP-EID Component 3: Sub-national veterinary services Transition of PDSR into a sustainable animal health system—pilot in South and West Sulawesi Strengthen planning and budgeting capacity for animal health services Sub-national Animal health policy & strategy Surveillance/ information systems Strengthen disease investigation capacity Strengthen technical training capacity

10 AIP-EID Component 3: Sub-national veterinary services Pilot district passive disease surveillance system (village/subdistrict–to-district) Strengthen disease recognition and reporting at sub-district and village level Sub-national Animal Health Policy and Strategy Surveillance/ information systems Strengthen capacity to use animal health data at the district and provincial level

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