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Cyberbullying Brittany Benningfield EDF 204 Spring 2015.

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1 Cyberbullying Brittany Benningfield EDF 204 Spring 2015

2 What is Cyberbullying ? Cyberbullying is bullying that is taking place via technology. Cyberbullying can occur through any type of communicative technology including, texting, emailing, or Facebooking. Some examples of cyber bullying may include: Rude Messages, Rumors being spread, or embarrassing photos.

3 Statistics on Cyberbullying, 2014 Young people reported being cyberbullied52% Young people who witnessed someone else being cyber bullied 55% Most common forms of cyberbullyingMean comments, and spreading rumors Are girls or boys more likely to be cyberbulliedBoys What effects does cyberbullying have on childrenLow self-esteem, possibly considering suicide

4 What Should I do if My Child is Bullied Online Talk to your child about what has happened, in a meaningful and understanding manner. Block the cyberbully from getting access to the child if possible. If you know who the parents are talk to them about what is going on. Talk to the school and make them aware of the situation. If any threats were made inform the police. Support your child and help them get through this situation, without harming themselves or other

5 What Should Parent Tell Their Child if He/She is being Cyberbullied? Tell your children that you love them and will support them through this tough time. Try and convince them to cut off contact with the bully. If your child is showing signs of low self esteem, you might send them to a counselor. Do not let your child become a cyberbully to get back at his or her bully!

6 How Do I Report a Cyberbully Stop contact with the bully Keep all evidence of bullying Block bully Review online service provider rules about bullying and see if they can terminate the bully’s account If threats were made call the local police station If bully attends school with the child notify the school.

7 What Should I Teach my Child About Safe Online Behaviors Do not post personal information over the web Do not interact with strangers over the web Do not visit X-rated sites Do not ignore age restrictions

8 When should Parents intervene in a Cyberbullying Situation It is important for a parent to be understanding and supportive of their child. If your child is showing signs of depression you need to seek psychological help and if you must take away phone, internet. If threats were made to you r child you need to contact the police.

9 Cyberbullying Resources

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