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GCSE Business Studies.

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1 GCSE Business Studies

2 Unit 1 Setting up a Business Unit 2 Growing as a Business
Starting a Business Starting a business enterprise Setting business aims and objectives Business planning Legal structure Location Marketing Market research Marketing mix Finance Finance and support for a small business Financial terms and calculations Using cash flow People in Business Recruiting Motivating staff Legislation Operations Management Production methods Customer service Unit 2 Growing as a Business The Business Organisation Expanding a business Choosing the legal structure Changing aims and objectives Choosing the best location Marketing Product Price Promotion Place Finance Finance for large businesses Profit and loss accounts Balance sheets People in Business Organisational structure Recruitment and retention of staff Operations Management Production methods Challenges of growth Quality assurance

3 Examination Structure
Unit 1 Setting up a Business Written Paper (1 hour) marks / 40% Unit 2 Growing as a Business Written Paper (1 hour) 60 marks / 35% Unit 3 Investigating Businesses Controlled Assessment 40 marks / 25%

4 Results AQA GCSE Grades A*/A = 52 % 79.5% A*-B grades B = 27.5%
22 students studying AS Business Studies

5 Skills Decision making skills Problem solving ICT skills
Numeracy skills Working with others

6 Requirements No previous knowledge needed Hard work Commitment

7 Future? Study of the subject at AS/A level
Business/Accounts courses at university Jobs in industry, banking and finance, marketing, management, teaching. Even if you are going to be a Vet, Doctor, Lawyer etc some business knowledge is useful as many of these professionals set up their own practices ie their own businesses.

8 Leading to… Degree Course/FE Course/Apprenticeship University
Business Management QUB Communication with Counselling ULSTER Computer Information Technology Environmental Health Actuarial Science and Risk Management Law Events Management Liverpool John Moores Food Design and Nutrition CAFRE: Loughry College Computing Technology International Politics and Conflict Studies Teacher Training St Mary's University College Art and Design Food Business Management Marketing HND Business Belfast Met.

9 Industrial Visits


11 Want to know more? Ask me, Mr Sloan, Mr Loye
Ask Years Business Studies students Talk to your parents/guardians

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