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My Site Collaborative Features. About Me Support Team Leader with Webteksolutions Primary.

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1 My Site Collaborative Features

2 About Me Support Team Leader with Webteksolutions Primary focus: Microsoft Office 365 Support Migrations Sharepoint Solutions and consulting Find Me Online: Blog: Twitter:!/suryabegum!/suryabegum Linked In: Email:

3 Today’s Agenda  My Site Features  Add Colleagues  My Content  Creating Blog  Newsfeed Settings  Tags and Notes  Configuring Organization Browser

4 My Site Features My Sites enable users to easily share information about themselves and their work. This sharing of information encourages collaboration, builds and promotes information about expertise, and targets relevant content to the people who want to see it. A user can access his My Site by clicking his/her username and selecting My Site. My Newsfeed is the default page when a user accesses his/her My Site. Your My Site is a hub where you can network with your colleagues and track information you are interested in.

5 My Site - Colleagues Add or Remove colleagues in My Site: To add a colleague in My Site Click →My Colleagues from My Site Home page → Click Add Colleague. Enter the Name of the user Select yes or no to add it to your Team, Select an existing group or create a new group to add Select who can view the added colleague in your profile. To Remove a colleague in My Site: Click → Colleagues from your profile → Check the box near the user whom you want to remove,Click Remove Colleagues

6 My Site - My Content My Content : My content lets the users save their documents as shared documents and personal documents. Shared Documents can be viewed by colleagues. Personal Documents can only viewed by the user This page lets you create a blog To Create a blog: Click create blog at the right side of the My content page In the blog page you can create a blog post, Manage Blogs and comments & Launch blog program to post.

7 My Site -Newsfeed Settings Newsfeed Settings: Newsfeed Settings Share personal and business related interests. Modify notifications and choose who can see the information. To access or change your newsfeed settings click My Newsfeed → Newsfeed Settings Email Notifications can be changed in newsfeeds settings Share Interest with your colleagues You can change the activities of your colleague you follow

8 My Site -Tags & Notes You can add tags and notes to documents and pages on a SharePoint site, and even pages on the Internet, if you have access to the Internet in your organization. You can also write notes on your co-workers’ profiles. You can use an “I Like It” tag to help you keep track of content that you want to remember or share, as well as tags that describe the content. Click My Profile on My Site → Click Tags & notes. Your list of tags appears in a list on the left, and your activities related to tags and notes for the current month are displayed on the right.

9 My Site -Tags & Notes To change how your tags are displayed, under Refine by tag, click Alphabetically or By Size. To change how your activities are displayed, do one of the following: To see activities related to only tags, under Refine by type, click Tags. To see only your public tags, under Refine by type, click Public. To see only your private tags, under Refine by type, click Private. To see your activities for other months, click the arrows next to Activities for Month. To see activities associated with a specific tag, click the tag under Refine by tag.

10 Organization Browser Organization Lets the user to build an organizational hierarchy with user profiles Organization browser comes as a Silverlight web part in sharepoint 2010 This can be viewed under the each user's My Profile site under the Organization Tab. User profiles can be created and configured to get the organizational hierarchy. Silverlight is required to view the organizational hierarchy

11 Learn More Learn More  Find more about office 365 support offered by Webteksolutions overview.htm overview.htm  Office 365 for Small business  Office 365 for Enterprise  Know More about Sharepoint  Office 365 Troubleshooting Tool:   Participate in the community 

12 Question and Answer Question and Answer

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