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Game Characteristics and Genres

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1 Game Characteristics and Genres
The Hopeless Task of Classifying Computer Games Introduce the idea of a MOO Copyright © Curt Hill,

2 Characteristics A number of variables that for which each game has a particular value set Projection How is the game viewed by the player? Time Number Location of the software Path Open world or directed Copyright © Curt Hill,

3 Projection: How is game viewed?
Text No graphics Two dimensions Only an X and Y dimension First person, three dimensions Player cannot see self or behind them Third person, three dimensions The player may see themselves and their immediate surroundings Isometric – Equal measure Contrasted with perspective Two and half dimensions 2D to appear like 3D Copyright © Curt Hill,

4 Time How is time handled Take turn Pseudo time Real time
Time is insignificant Pseudo time Time is compressed or expanded to the player’s moves Real time Things happen whether player is ready or not Copyright © Curt Hill,

5 How Many Players? Single Two player Multiplayer Massively multiplayer
Usual for games that are not networked Two player May be on a single computer or on network Multiplayer Approximately up to 20 to 50 Client server or peer to peer connections Massively multiplayer Could be hundreds or thousands Client server Copyright © Curt Hill,

6 Location Almost all games have software on the player’s machine
Has the software been installed? Run through a browser or other common client Does this software communicate? Peer to peer? Client and Server Does the other machine actively participate or merely store results Copyright © Curt Hill,

7 Open World Any virtual world game that gives the player freedom to go anywhere This is generally limited to first and third person games Excluding even some of these, such as racers Does not have to be 3D AKA Free roam Sandbox Copyright © Curt Hill,

8 What is a genre? Webster: a kind, a sort or a type said of works of literature and art For convenience we classify games into types for comparison purposes How do we compare football and chess, both of which are games? The following is one possible list of categories Copyright © Curt Hill,

9 Genres Shooter/Fighter Bat and Ball Fighting Simulation Racer
Collector Video Pinball Puzzle Strategy Adventure Video Board game Fighting Simulation Role Playing Game (RPG) Platform Sports Arcade Adventure Rhythm-Dance Copyright © Curt Hill,

10 Shooter/Fighter Game play is all about shooting and not being shot
Objects Opponents Swords etc. may also be used These are usually fighting back Success is measured in length of life or objects destroyed Copyright © Curt Hill,

11 Bat and Ball Using a mouse or other controller hit an object
Defend an area from the object Hit the object to a goal Pong is an early example Need graphics, but fairly simple ones Many examples are Freeware or Shareware Copyright © Curt Hill,

12 Racer Player is driver on a course
Object is to have a good time or better time than opponent Straight line courses are easier More turns and obstacles increase the difficulty Copyright © Curt Hill,

13 Strategy Player has multiple units or a unit with multiple capabilities Object is to defeat an opponent Not real time but moves in a take turn fashion Board games such as chess and go Star Trek text game Copyright © Curt Hill,

14 Sim Simulate some complex system
Most famous are the Electronic Arts Sim series Sim City etc Resource management is the crux of the game Predecessors include Lunar Lander and Oregon Trail If sufficiently complicated these may be used for training Copyright © Curt Hill,

15 Computer RPG Players explore a large enclosed area
They gain experience and engage in combat with other players or bots Often turn based rather than real time Derived from the non-tech Dungeons and Dragons MUDs and MOOs are the software Copyright © Curt Hill,

16 Arcade Adventure An RPG with good graphics
Player interacts in real time with a graphic reality Usually there is a puzzle to solve involving the exploration of a dungeon Copyright © Curt Hill,

17 Computerized Equivalents
Computer equivalent to a conventional game Video Pinball Sports Video Boardgame Video Cardgame Copyright © Curt Hill,

18 Combinations These categories are not exclusive
We will see combinations of any of these categories with the characteristics We may also discover/develop a game that does not fit in this system Copyright © Curt Hill,

19 Odds and Ends I Collector Platform games are a derivation Fighting
Object is to collect a certain number of things while avoiding certain hazards Pacman is an example Platform games are a derivation Jump from platform to platform Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers Fighting Simulating boxing or martial arts Copyright © Curt Hill,

20 Odds and Ends II Puzzle Rhythm-Dance
Solve some type of graphical puzzle Graphics without a representation of reality Tetris Rhythm-Dance Perform actions on a controller in time with music Copyright © Curt Hill,

21 Assignment Generate a document and mail it to me
Contains a list of games you have played Should include: Name Category Cost Due prior to next working day I would like to discuss this next class time Copyright © Curt Hill,

22 Alternative Classification
Action Adventure Casual Educational Role Playing Simulation Sports Strategy Roger Pedersen’s Genres Copyright © Curt Hill,

23 Action Typically real time games where the user needs to be involved in a second by second basis Many arcade games First person shooters Racing The story telling is often confined to the splash screens Unreal Tournament is an example Copyright © Curt Hill,

24 Adventure A series of problems are presented that the player must solve Zork from 1977 is early example Before good graphics text based adventure games were very important They faded when graphics made them appear boring They have re-emerged with good graphics Often a component of an action game Copyright © Curt Hill,

25 Casual Computer implementation of an existing game This includes:
Board, card, dice games Game shows Not limited to these Copyright © Curt Hill,

26 Educational Any game that disguises learning in a game format
Must be engaging enough that the students want to play, yet have enough educational value to be valued Copyright © Curt Hill,

27 Role Playing Games Player assumes a role and with this role comes a goal Dungeons and dragons was the paper predecessor Game play often lasts longer than others Must be a storyline as well as problems to solve Often played in groups Copyright © Curt Hill,

28 Simulation A complex real world scenario that can be experienced without great cost or danger Typically two flavors: Vehicle Flight simular Management SimCity Copyright © Curt Hill,

29 Sports Games A game that simulates a sport Two point of views
Football, baseball, soccer Fighting Two point of views The manager The player Copyright © Curt Hill,

30 Strategy The winners form strategies that best their opponents
May be real time or take turn The view is a distant third person Usually the entire arena Copyright © Curt Hill,

31 This Year We will focus on two similar but quite different first person games: Unreal Development Kit Minecraft Your term project will likely be in UDK Other possibilities exist Subject to negotiation Copyright © Curt Hill,

32 Quake III Arena Quake and its derivatives and competition
First person shooter Real time Single or multiplayer Bots substitute for other players when needed A strategy is needed Copyright © Curt Hill,

33 Lambda MOO Not actually a game
A server that can enable a variety of games and non-games Text based May be real time or pseudo time May be massively multiplayer Game goals are a function of the programming Copyright © Curt Hill,

34 Unreal Development Kit
First person open world Real time Single or multiplayer Realistic graphics rendered nicely Bots substitute for other players when needed A strategy is needed Copyright © Curt Hill,

35 UDK Copyright © Curt Hill,

36 Minecraft First person open world Real time Single or multiplayer
Very coarse graphics Bots substitute for other players when needed About 60 million copies have been sold Who here has not played this game? Why is this so popular? Copyright © Curt Hill,

37 Minecraft Copyright © Curt Hill,

38 UDK and Minecraft Either of these have uses other than games
Both are programmable Or we would not be interested Both have been used to generate machinima Both have educational use beyond game design Minecraft has a quantum physics mod Both lean toward certain genres but could be used for any Copyright © Curt Hill,

39 Discussion What type of game does Minecraft naturally lean towards?
How would you do a board game with Minecraft? Copyright © Curt Hill,

40 Assignment On the website there is a link to emulated DOS games
Find four different games that represent four different genres on this site Play each of them Write up a one page Word document that: Gives the name and genre Gives a screen shot of the play Copyright © Curt Hill,

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