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All towards a Healthy Future for Gym Members… By: Kyle Davis.

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2 All towards a Healthy Future for Gym Members… By: Kyle Davis

3  To provide knowledge of necessary tools to improve and lower gym members body fat percentage. As a result, improving and promoting a healthier lifestyle for all members.

4  Low body fat is linked with increased health benefits.  More appealing physical features in both sexes.  Decreased chances of heart diseases and issues.  Lower risk of type 2 diabetes.  Decreased risk of assortment of cancers.

5  Low fat is linked with a reduced risk of Sleep Apnea.  Low body fat reduces risk of heart attacks.  Reduces the risk of developing Osteoarthritis.  Higher body percentage = Higher risk of back, knee, and hip joint problems. Wish I watched my body fat percentage…

6  Exercise regularly (2-5 times a week)  Have a healthy diet containing all food groups.  But most importantly… KNOW YOUR BODY FAT PERCENTAGE! To do so you can use the following items…

7  Purpose: Skin fold calipers are used in the measurement of skin fold thickness in certain areas.  Fat Track GOLD Digital Body Fat Caliper.  Includes Body Tape Measure to measure certain body part on top of evaluating sites..  Recommended by EAS, Max Muscle, and GNC and other various magazines.

8  Use: To check skin fold sites in both sexes to show if improvement in regards to lowering body fat is needed.  Price: $25.00  Source:

9  Purpose: A measurement device specially designed to measure girth of any body part.  Measures up to 152cm or 60 inches.  Design ensures accurate measurements that can be implicated by ones self by simply wrapping around designated area of choice and reattaching at the base to achieve a accurate measurement.

10  Use: To keep track of ones body measurements and their progress towards losing body fat.  Price: $10.00  Source: rces/store-ebay.htm

11  Purpose: A body fat analyzer that helps monitor body fat instead of just weight and muscle.  While holding in front of the users the device uses electrical currents to go thru fat and muscle to determine ones body fat percentage.  Provides accurate and easy to read results so it can be easily used by anyone.  Measures body fat percentage and in addition it measures ones body mass index (BMI)

12  Use: To keep track of members unwanted fat percentages rather than wanted muscle and other weight bearing areas.  Price: $39.98  Source:

13  Purpose: To measure ones weight while at the same time providing a accurate reading of ones body fat percentage.  Equipped with state of the art bioelectrical impedance analysis, this device sends a electrical current through the users body while standing on it to evaluate their body fat percentage.  Provides accurate results in seconds and can be used anywhere by anyone that has some experience with the device.

14  Use: To keep track of members progress in decreasing body fat while giving them a accurate weight reading.  Price: $69.99  Source:

15  Purpose: A downloadable program for Windows that monitors body fat percentage and keeps track strength and cardio exercises.  Calculates BMI and BMR and can be used by more than one user at a time.  Perfect for at home or for professional use.  Gathers and evaluates blood pressure data, nutrient intake, workouts, and much more.

16  Use: To keep track of members workout/ health related habits while evaluating body fat at the same time.  Price: $29.95  Source:

17 THERE NOT! Skin Fold Caliper = $25.00 Myotape Body Tape Measure = $10.00 Body Logic Body Fat Analyzer = $39.95 BluFire Body Fat Analyzer = $69.95 Body Tracker Pro = $29.95 Total = $174.85

18  Body Fat has many negative affects on ones health from joint problems to dangerous diseases such as cancer.  With regular exercise, monitoring of food intake, and watching your body fat accumulation high body fat percentage can be avoided or maintained.  With provided equipment and software, gym members can use devices to monitor their progress on losing weight and be encouraged to practice a healthier lifestyle.

19 Hope you enjoyed the presentation!!

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