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Immediate Impact Strategies For Immediate Results.

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1 Immediate Impact Strategies For Immediate Results

2 Having a diversified mortgage business is a must in todays environment Chad Bates breaks down the diversified business very well in his class on that Social Media SEO Referral Partners Past Clients Email Direct Mail

3 Many of the strategies you implement to diversify your business must achieve a level of consistency before you get any results Video Marketing SEO Facebook Ad’s Employee Benefits Programs Email Campaigns But there are also strategies you can implement for IMMEDIATE results

4 1st – Every Door Direct Mail (since it’s fresh in our minds) Choose specific mailing routes that have high percentages of your best targets Seniors for Reverse Close to Military Bases for VA Aged neighborhoods for 203K Apartment complexes for First Time (Farm neighborhood for Listings Leads for agents)

5 Create a message that focuses on the Benefits You can do – Post Cards (4.5x6 to 5X7) Flyers (8.5x11) Brochures (11x17 Tri-Fold) Remember – It must meet the minimum standards for the USPS (your printer will handle this part)


7 2 nd – Past Client Marketing – (they already know trust and like you) These are people who you have already made feel comfortable enough to trust you with their mortgage Rotate through your past client list at least quarterly 300 past clients = 100 past client contacts per month

8 Implement Ed Naworals Birthday Strategy Have a daily list of every past clients Birthday Call them on their Birthday (7 days a week)

9 Implement the Joe Girard (Guinness Book of Records Sales Man) hand written Note strategy This guy didn’t even really do hand written notes…..He sent “I like you” Joe It was not message that was written he explains….it is the sentiment of sending them something….. APPRECIATION!!!!!!

10 Implement the Lottery Ticket strategy (not sure who to give credit to here…I saw it from Ryan Newman a couple years ago) Send a greeting card – “I sure got lucky having you as a client. I hope you get lucky too Paul P.S. Let me know if you win!” Put one scratch off lottery ticket and one business card in with the greeting card

11 Time Block to “follow up” to see if they won “Hey Freddy McClient, it’s Paul Baxter with Leader1, I helped you with the mortgage on your home. Curiosity got the best of me today. I was wondering if you won anything with the scratch off ticket I sent you……Cool…or Oh well……Thanks for indulging my curiosity. Give me a call if you need anything. Oh and if you know anyone who could use some honest help in their mortgage, I would appreciate the introduction. Do you have my direct number for when you do know someone? Its 747-221-6649. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care.”

12 3 rd – Open House Strategy – Get on Trulia or Zillow or or and search for Open Houses near you Use Googles mapping tool to create a “route” (best to have 4 to 5 to visit) Research the listing as much as possible (Open House agent may not be the listing agent)

13 Prepare “Open House Survival Kits” The Kit - Brown paper bag (old school lunch bag) 1 Bottled Water (mini is ok) 2 Bite Size Candy Bars (substitute fresh baked anything is ok) 1 Snack Item (mixed nuts, granola bar, peanut butter crackers ect.) 2 Mints (individually wrapped pepper mints….NO GUM) 1 Business card

14 Remember you are not there to take their time or sell them your service “Hey Freddy McRealty, I am Paul Baxter with Leader1 Financial. I am a mortgage professional. I am not here to sell you my service or talk about rates. I saw that you were having an open house this weekend and wanted to bring you by my Open House Survival Kit. Just a couple things to make your day a little easier. Would it be ok with you if I follow up with you next week and see if there is a time I could treat you to a cup of coffee and get to know more about you and your real estate business? Great, I look forward to speaking with you next week. Oh and if you need a pre-approval or have any questions don’t hesitate to call, I’m available all day.”

15 4 th – Mobile Voice Routing – (this works for Text For Information also) Post a sign in the yard of a home for sale “Get Current Pricing” “For More Information Call” “For complete details call” MVR = Higher conversion rates ( say yes vs. press1)

16 The key to create immediate opportunity's are the how you handle the call “Hi, you are calling for current pricing on the Home for Sale at 123 Easy St.?” Yes – “That home is listed at 252,000 right now. Does that fit within the budget you have set for buying a new home?” Yes – “great, what’s the name of the loan officer who has you pre- approved for that amount?” = We haven’t spoken to one yet No- “oh ok, what have you set as your budget for buying a home?” who cares what number they say – “Ok, what’s the name of the Loan Officer who has you pre-approved for that amount”

17 Any of these strategies can produce immediate results But absolutely none of them will work if you don’t Implement

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