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Couponing/Budgeting Class Saving Money at the Grocery Store, Easily.

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1 Couponing/Budgeting Class Saving Money at the Grocery Store, Easily.

2 Couponing Tips Always buy a Sunday Newspaper I buy 3-5 every week Check a Sunday Coupon Preview online No inserts on holiday weekends The more papers you buy, the more freebies you can get

3 Keep all of your coupons organized Either a binder, box, or Ziploc baggie Don’t throw them in a purse, they will get misplaced You might find something on clearance that will become free w/ coupon

4 Use a coupon database If you need a certain item, go to a database & see if coupons are out Even if the coupon is just $.50 off, you were going to buy it anyway Easy way to find internet coupons

5 Always make a list before you go shopping Spreadsheets are helpful This will help reduce impulse buys This will keep you on track to reduce time spent in the store Write down what coupons you have for each item & final price

6 Save your receipts! Save receipts so you can see how much you’re spending at the store Helps you create a realistic budget This way you can also see how many impulse buys you typically purchase Helps you see what really isn’t needed

7 Never take a debit/credit card to the store Only pay with CASH. Cash is much harder to give up than just swiping a credit card Makes you realize how much you’re actually spending

8 Sale cycles Sales go in a cycle, they appear once every 3-4 months Same with coupons, same coupons every 3-4 months This will help you to know how much of a product to buy

9 The truth about bulk stores Bulk isn’t always better. Check the price per item or price per ounce Bulk stores are often marked up because people do not pay attention Don’t be that person!

10 Set a budget! Set a weekly grocery budget (or bi-weekly) Only take THAT much cash with you to the store More cash will make you want to buy on impulse DO NOT bring your card and use it to pay for impulse buys

11 Saving without coupons Aldi Manager’s Specials Closeouts Clearance Aisle Pricebook/Price comparing Admatching (Walmart/Target)

12 Store Loyalty Programs Kroger – sale prices, fuel points Walgreens – points, Register Rewards, sale prices, store coupons CVS – ExtraCare program, BeautyBucks, sale prices, store coupons Rite Aid – Wellness+ program, Up+ rewards, sale prices, store coupons Giant Eagle – sale prices, doubled coupons, fuel points Walmart – no loyalty program Target – no loyalty program Buehlers – sale prices, doubled coupons FREE to sign up, so do it!

13 Additional Items Zanesville & Dresden libraries have a coupon exchange table People in the military can use coupons up to 6 mo. expired My website – My email – Start your own coupon exchange if you can with friends and family iBotta –

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