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Introduction to Management Information Systems I Overview of Business Processes.

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1 Introduction to Management Information Systems I Overview of Business Processes

2 Business Process and Business Process Management What is a Business Process? –A business process is a collection of related activities that produce a product or a service of value to the organization, its business partners, and/or its customers. What is a Process? –A process has inputs and outputs, and its activities can be measured. What is business process management (BPM)? –Business Process Management (BPM) is a management technique that includes methods and tools to support the design, analysis, implementation, management, and optimization of business process.

3 Examples of Accounting Business Processes Accounts payable Accounts receivable Bank account reconciliation Cash receipts Invoice billings Petty cash Month-end close Virtual close

4 Examples of Finance Business Processes Account collection Bank loan applications Business forecasts Customer credit approval and credit terms Property tax assessments Stock transactions Financial cash flow reports

5 Examples of Marketing Business Process After-sale customer follow-up Collection of sales tax Copyrights and trademarks Customer satisfaction surveys Customer service contracts Customer complaint handling Returned goods from customers Sales leads Sales order entry Sales training Trade shows Warranty and service policies

6 Examples of Production/Operations Management Business Processes Bill of materials Manufacturing change orders Master parts list and files Packing, storage, and distribution Physical inventory procedures Purchasing procedures Quality control for finished goods Quality assurance audit procedure Receiving, inspection, and stocking of parts and materials Shipping and freight claims Vendor selection, files, and inspections

7 Examples of Human Resources Business Processes Disabilities employment policies Employee hiring policies Employee orientation Family and medical leave act Files and records management Health care benefits Pay and payroll Performance appraisals and salary adjustments Resignations and terminations Training/tuition reimbursement Travel and entertainment Workplace rules and guidelines Workplace safely

8 Examples of Management Information Systems Business Processes Antivirus control programs Computer security incident reporting Computer user/staff training Disaster recovery procedures Electronic mail policy Internet use policy Service agreements and emergency services User workstation standards Use of personal software

9 Example of Business process for ordering e-ticket from airline web site

10 Activity Go into Search IT templates Click on images Click on IBM template and folder Bring up Microsoft Word Click on shapes and find the software template shapes Include these shapes in your Journal Log Use the IBM template and folder to write what each symbol is named and what it is used for Open up a new Microsoft Word document Using the template in Microsoft Word to create a process flow diagram to show the steps it takes to create a seating chart for this class

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