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Journal  What is a peninsula?. Agenda  Reading  Notes.

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1 Journal  What is a peninsula?

2 Agenda  Reading  Notes

3 WHI. 7

4 The Byzantine Empire  The Eastern Roman Empire began to develop independently from the fall western empire.  The Byzantine Empire was formed from the Eastern Roman Empire

5 Location, Location, Location  The Eastern Roman Empire was located far from the Germanic invasions in the west.  Located in on a peninsula were the Mediterranean sea and the black sea meet  The silk road pass through

6 The Byzantine Empire  The Roman Empire official split in 395 B.C.  Byzantine emperor saw themselves as Roman Emperors

7 Justinian  Became ruler in 533 B.C.  Help shape the Byzantine Empire  Ruled with absolute power

8 Justinian the Conquer  Decided to re-conquer the Western roman Empire from the Barbarians  Won nearly all of the territory once held by Rome  Called himself the new Caesar

9 Justinian at home  Increased trade  Justinian Code  Expands the city of Constantinople

10 Justinian Code  Created a panel of legal experts to combine Roman law and Legal opinions into one body of work.  Called the Justinian code  Divided into four parts

11 Justinian code cont.  The Code  Contained 5,000 roman laws  The Digest  Quoted and summarized opinions of Roman legal thinkers  The Institute  Textbook that told law students how to use the laws  The Novellae  For new laws

12 Justinian the Builder  Rebuilds the city walls  Builds many churches  Hagia Sophia

13 Agenda  Journal  Lecture- the church and Influence of the Byzantine Empire  Activity- worksheet  Homework  Study Guide


15 The Church Divides  Lack of communication causes the western and Eastern churches to split

16 The Eastern Church  Built its heritage on the works of the early church fathers  Uses the Greek language  Bishop of Constantinople was a patriarch  Leading bishop  Bows down to the emperor (close to power)

17 The Western Church  Located in Rome ( far from power)  Uses the Latin Language  Bishop of Rome is called the Pope

18 The Divide  In 1054 the Pope and patriarch excommunicated each other over a religious doctrine  Churches officially splits


20 Missionaries  Missionaries from the Eastern Orthodox church worked with the Slavs in the North

21 Saint Cyril  Worked with the Slavs in the 9 th century  Invented an alphabet for the Slav language  Able to read the bible in their own language  Cyrillic alphabet  Used in Russia today

22 Trading  9 th century the Slavs began trading with Constantinople  Absorb the Greek culture  Russian Culture today is a mix of Slavic and Greek traditions.

23 Slavs adopt the Orthodox Church  The Slavic people are from Eastern Europe  In the 9 th century they begin to form cities and unite  King Vladimir adopts the Christian faith and converts his people

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