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Introduction To Manufacturing Process Tools –Aesthetics

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1 Introduction To Manufacturing Process Tools –Aesthetics
Vigyan Ashram (A center of Indian Institute Of Education) At. Post Pabal Dist. Pune | Vigyan Ashram | INDUSA PTI |

2 Manufacturing Process Tools
Manufacturing processes are basic processes for converting raw material into products Below is list of common tools/processes used to convert the raw material into the product : Cutting Welding Drilling and threading Grinding Aesthetics | Vigyan Ashram | INDUSA PTI |

3 What is Aesthetics? There are many different things that contribute to your overall perception of a product, and to your opinion as to whether it is aesthetically pleasing to you. | Vigyan Ashram | INDUSA PTI |

4 Importance of Aesthetics
An important function of marketing and design is to identify what might be the likely attitudes and responses from audiences or users for whom the product, system or environment is intended Thus Aesthetics plays a key role for any type of product | Vigyan Ashram | INDUSA PTI |

5 Aesthetics factors The aesthetic qualities which are appropriate will vary considerably, depending upon what the design is to be used for, and who will use it. Some factors which contribute to the aesthetic qualities include colour, shape, line, texture and user friendliness. | Vigyan Ashram | INDUSA PTI |

6 Aesthetics :Metal fabrication
Custom metal products require secondary finishing treatments to achieve their intended specifications. Assembly services may also be necessary for combining two or more components into a single functional unit. Common secondary custom metal fabrication services include adhesive bonding, bolting deburring, grinding, riveting, screwing, sawing, and painting. | Vigyan Ashram | INDUSA PTI |

7 How ? Aluminium can be painted, powder coated or anodised. Anodising converts the aluminium surface to Aluminium Oxide which is very durable. It is better and less expensive to paint front panels. Steel rusts and must be protected. Several types of plating are available with the most common being zinc and nickel. | Vigyan Ashram | INDUSA PTI |

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