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Introduction of Marketing versus International marketing Scope and challenges Seminar 2.

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1 Introduction of Marketing versus International marketing Scope and challenges Seminar 2

2 Marketing versus International marketing Marketing means every activities, which are connented with product at beginn of idea´s creation, of production to the target consumers. It means every activities, which provide for the final product to purchaser, in the right time, on the right place, in hight quality, in the „friendly price“ Marketing in the practise: 1)enterprise philosophy (the trade success could be receive by knowledge and resulting of consumer´s necessity 2) The system of enterprise´s activities (the decision, what we will produce...) Seminar 2

3 International marketing International marketing is defined as the performance of business activities designed to plan, price, promote, and direct the flow of a company´s goods and services to consumer or users in more than one nation for a profit. The difference between the definitions of domestic and international marketing is that, in the latter case marketing activities take place in „MORE THAN ONE COUNTRY“. It accounts for the complexity and diversity found in international marketing operations. Seminar 2

4 Global perspectives, recent events and trends... 1.The changing face of business 2.The increasing importance of global awareness 3.The progression of becoming a global marketer 4.Global terrorism 5.The high-tech and information technology development 6.The rapid growth of the WTO and regional free trade areas (NAFTA, EU) 7.General acceptance of the free market system among developing countries in Latin Amerika, Asia and Eastern Europe 8.Impact of the Internet and other global media on the dissolution of national borderds, 9.Managing global environmental sources. What else?? Seminar 2 10.Market research 11.Category management 12.Relationship marketing 13.Media image 14.Event marketing and Life style marketing

5 Seminar 2 4 P of MARKETING MIX Product policy product sortiment quality design brand and logo consumer´s services packing Price policy price discounts payment agreement Final customers Positioning Communication policy (promotion) advertising direct sale sales promotion public relations Distribution policy (place) distribution channels availability of distribution networks holding transportation terms of delivery

6 4 P of INTERNATIONAL MARKETING MIX Price Promotion Product Place Product adaptation and development for international marketing Packaging and labelling Translation of technical literature Quality management Licensing and contract manufacturing International distribution Control of agents Export documentation Cargo insurance Establishment of joint ventures and subsidiaries International advertising, public relations and sales promotion International direct marketing Control of salespeople Translation of sales literature Exhibiting Market research Choice of pricing strategy Competitor analysis Determination of discount structures Credit management Choice of delivery terms Costing and budgeting Seminar 2

7 Global marketing opportunities and threats: Opportunities: – Increase in market potential – Trade and investment potential – Resources accessibility...WHAT ELSE...? Threats: – Increasing number of competitors – Increase in intensity of competition coupled with higher market uncertainty...WHAT ELSE...? Seminar 2

8 European Marketing I.Global Marketing II.Multinational Marketing III.Multiregional Marketing Seminar 2

9 Global marketing  The most profound change is the orientation of the company toward markets and associated planning activities  Companies treat the world, including their home market, as one market.  Market segmentation decisions are no longer focused on national borders Seminar 2

10 Multinational marketing Domension of internacional marketing, which are intreduced in policy of multinacional companies The focus of this is global approach toward the market, which are understood such as integrated world market. This policy is characterized by „think global, do local Seminar 2

11 Multiregional marketing -To identify and to respect the regional identity, the geography ore regions and natural landscape- Seminar 2

12 International Industry Marketing It´s a marketing of goods and services, which are designed for trades or for organisations, that use them for the next business production. The symbols of IIM: – narrow quantity of customers, – derivative demand and low elasticity of supply, – rational purchasing behavior, – geographic concentration by development of business activities Seminar 2

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