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Typofaces give voice to words Typefaces give voice to words.

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3 Typofaces give voice to words Typefaces give voice to words

4 g Love at first type

5 Font Specific set of typographic characters that are designed to work Together. Fonts are also referred to as Typefaces.

6 Serif A font features horizontal and vertical details that are added to the beginning or end of its’ characters major strokes.

7 San Serif Typeface does not have serifs --- sans means “without” in French.

8 Typefaces are measured in Points.

9 Typeface’s WEIGHT describes how heavy it appears

10 Six Categories into which most font fall: Sans Seriff Serif Script, Hand-Lettered Monospace Novelty Dingbat, Ornament

11 Sans Serif

12 Serif


14 Script/ Hand- lettered

15 Monospace

16 Novelty

17 

18 Certain font families feature a broad weight and width options making them versatile and effective choices for a wide range of projects.

19 Legibility Font Choice Size Color Letter spacing Case (upper vs. lower) Backdrop

20 Font Choice Serif text like Sabon is ideally suited for large blocks of text. Modern serif fonts are also reasonably adept as text fonts, paragraphs are sharp and progressive feel. Italic typefaces tends to be distracting when it comes to large amount of text.

21 Sans Serif fonts such as Futura are generally not well suited for large blocks of texts. Bold fonts, whether serif or sans, are appropriate for short blocks of emphasized text or captions that need to stand apart from other text. Setting longer passages of text in all caps, serif or sans, is not a good idea. Script fonts are suitable for short blocks of text and traditional uses such traditions. The readability of any sort of unusual font must be carefully considered before committing it to text passages. There are times when we consider the reverse text when it terms to color.

22 Alignment Flush Left Text Flush Right Text Justified Text Centered Text -Rule of thumb

23 Leading and Letterspacing Leading is the amount of space between lines of type. Letterspacing refers to the amount of overall space between the letters in a word or passage of a text.


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