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26 Maggio, 2010 AGN9 - FERRARA Poster(s) Radio quieti … + SKA Photos : Marcella Brusa.

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1 26 Maggio, 2010 AGN9 - FERRARA Poster(s) Radio quieti … + SKA Photos : Marcella Brusa

2 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA Blue shift asymmetric profiles in high L/Le sources Marziani et al. High ionization winds in the Broad Line Region of QSO

3 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA Two set of lines shift of 2650 lm/s Montuori et al. SDSS (555…) : a candidate massive BH Binary Monica Colpi talk

4 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA 7 QSO physical pairs 50 - 500 kpc M dyn ~ 8 x 10 12 Mhost ~ 1.4 x 10 12 Farina et al. Close by Quasars Pairs

5 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA AGN is a galaxy with a flux in excess to that predicted by its SF Two type of AGN red and dead blue and alive Bardelli & zCOSMOS+VLACOSMOS The environment of radio AGN and the quest for feedback

6 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA Simultaneous data do not reduce scatter in the relation(s) Antonucci et al. A study of the X-ray to UV ratio of AGN with simultaneous measurements from XMM

7 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA X-ray detected EROs (R-K > 5) z ~ 1 High fx/fopt Obscured AGN 10% of the X-ray population 5% of the EROs sample Campisi et al. On the nature of red galaxies : the Chandra perspective

8 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA Cazzoli et al. Analysis of a LSS at z ~ 0.3 with the Chandra Observatory Source counts logN-logS In between two Clusters of galaxies Small but significant Excess Need spectroscpy to Associate X-ray sources To the LSS

9 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA Tamborra et al. The soft X-ray emission of Seyfert 2 galaxies Soft X-ray emission As a blend of emission Lines Unresolved with CCD Resolution Photoionization from Nuclear continuum Small contribution From collisional Excitation

10 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA Brusa et al. Iron Line in the integrated spectra of high-z AGN Rest frame Stacking in Chandra deep Fields (1 Ms CDFS + 2 Ms CDFN Line is there No evidence of broadening … In progress

11 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA Risaliti et al. [OIII] EW and orientation effects in quasars [OIII] EW as a measure of Accretion disk inclination From 6000 SDSS QSO The distribution is consistent with A random orientation Prove of disk like structure Of ionizing radiation

12 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA Pozzi et al. Bolometric Luminosity of Type 2 AGN 16 HELLAS2XMM Type 2 QSO + Spitzer coverage Nuclear luminosity from torus SED fitting + MBH from scaling relations Low Eddington ratio sources Kbol correlates with Eddington ratio

13 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA Feltre et al. Dust Distribution in AGN SMOOTH vs CLUMPY SED of clumpy And smooth models Present similar properties Good fits to IRS Spectra

14 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA. Keck/DEIMOS spectrum: red, early type continuum plus strong AGNemission lines ([NeV] doublet) and SF features (OII, SFR ~ 103 M_sun /yr)Evidence of outflowing material (~300 km/s) from the blueshiled MgIand MgII complex absorpOon. Caught in the act Brusa et al. Feedback in action in a z ~ 1.6 obscured QSO

15 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA Severgnini et al. Newly discovered Compton Thick AGN in the local Universe X-ray + IR selection X-hard /Mid IR Vs HR4 (5-12/2-5) Candidate CT

16 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA Vignali et al. Compton Thick quasars in the SDSS CT QSO are selected from [OIII] luminosity and Comparison with X-ray Luminosity or UL Weak or absent in X Candidate CT Space densities

17 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA Mignoli et al. Discovering heavily obscured AGN in COSMOS via [NeV] detection [NeV] in ~10 k spectra visually inspected Need hard ionizing cont. -- low NeV/X ratio observed In NL - Gilli (2010) plot candidate CT

18 26 Maggio, 2010AGN9 - FERRARA Giovannini Square Kilometer Array (SKA) Factor 50 improvement in collecting area

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