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The Food and Beverage Industry

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1 The Food and Beverage Industry

2 Types of Foodservice Businesses
Commercial Foodservice Consists of food and beverage businesses that compete for customers. Organized into 4 categories: 1. Quick-Service Restaurants Fast-Food Restaurants Cafeterias Buffets Carryout Restaurants

3 Types of Foodservice Businesses
2. Full-Service Restaurants Fine-Dining Restaurants Casual Dining Restaurants 3. Catering Involves feeding a large number of people at one time 4. Hotel and Club Foodservice Hotels Country clubs, city clubs, yacht clubs, beach clubs, etc.

4 Institutional Foodservice
Institutional Foodservice: consists of food- service provided to customers in an institution. An institution is a place such as a school, Hospital, the military, or prison. A. School Foodservice B. Health Care Foodservice: hospitals, nursing homes, etc. C. Foodservice Within a Consumer Business Recreation: sports arenas, zoos, movie theatres Retail: bookstores, grocery stores, gas stations

5 Assignment List as many restaurant jobs and responsibilities as you can

6 Restaurant Concepts The whole idea of the restaurant or the restaurant chain: 8VY Theme: a specific idea around which something is organized. For example, senior prom theme. Ambiance: the feeling or mood associated with a particular place.

7 Questions 1. What is the difference between a commercial food service and an institutional foodservice? 2. Define a quick service restaurant and give an example of each type 3. Explain how a full service restaurant is different from a quick service 4. Describe and give an example of 4 types of full service restaurants 5. What is the purpose of institutional foodservice? 6. Give an example of each of the 3 types of institutional foodservice.

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