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Gap Year Programs

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1 Gap Year Programs

2 What is AFS Intercultural Programs?
Worldwide student exchange program (American students go abroad, foreign exchange students hosted in USA and other countries) Started by the American Field Service ambulance drivers after WWII as a way to promote peace and understanding Volunteer driven organization

3 Why choose AFS? AFS is a non-profit international organization, with a 60+ year history. Unrivaled student support—AFS adult volunteers live in the same communities as our students. We offer programs in over 40 countries. AFS works toward a more just and peaceful world, through youth exchange.

4 Programs Community service —go abroad for a summer, semester, or a year, and live with a host family. University study abroad —spend a semester or year in Panama, attend university, and live with a host family. 5th year of high school — attend high school abroad for a semester or a year, and live with a host family.

5 Country choices Europe Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Finland Germany Hungary Iceland Norway Portugal Sweden Switzerland Turkey Africa Egypt (NSLI) Ghana Asia/Pacific Australia Malaysia Thailand Latin America Brazil Costa Rica Dominican Republic Ecuador Honduras Panama Paraguay Peru

6 These programs and more!
Australia—volunteer in environmental and conservation projects (semester) fall departure Brazil—attend high school (year, semester) fall or spring departure Panama—attend university, high academic responsibility is required. (year, semester) fall or spring departure Paraguay—work with orphaned children, share your IT skills with teens. (year, semester) fall or spring departure Thailand—teach English, assist Thai teachers in a rural school. (semester) spring departure

7 Learn more! (202) 669-5281
(application available online) (read about students currently abroad) Join our active online communities!

8 ‘AFS opened my eyes to the world’

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