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Initiative on Violence Against Women Strategic Partnerships.

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1 Initiative on Violence Against Women Strategic Partnerships

2 TARGET: Entities addressing legal and implementation gaps.   Public policy, legislative change,better implementation, Access to justice, Research on VAW framework. ENGAGE: Grassroot Orgs, State Actors, Experts, Scholars, Practitioners, Advocates, Researchers, and Survivors concerned with strengthening international law to effectively address VAW and enable better access to justice. Strategic Partnerships 2

3 Just Associates (JASS) – Latin America   Mobilize women’s movements.   Generate cutting-edge knowledge to shape theory, practice and policies for advancing women’s rights.   Expand alliances for greater political influence. MenEngage   Global alliance of networks, NGOs, and UN partners working to advance social justice/human rights with a focus on the need to include men in solutions.   Active in advocacy efforts MASUM – India   Women in rural communities   Capacity building at state and national levels   Involved with local-to-global campaigns Sample Partner Organizations 3

4 Strategic Offerings Just Associates (JASS) – Latin America   Optional Protocol and CEDAW implementation in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.   Deep expertise on gaps in the framework and implementation challenges on the ground.   Broad Network. MenEngage   Broad Global Network.   Men’s role as survivors and perpetrators.   The Rwanda men’s resource center model. 4

5 Strategic Offerings MASUM – India   Expert knowledge of CEDAW.   Diverse views in the region/different approaches to the gaps in the framework on VAW.   Broad Network.   Human Rights Clinics/Law Schools Deep Knowledge Base Diverse International Perspective Rich Insight into Legal/Implementation Framework 5

6 Conclusion   Early Stage Development – Build a Network.   Identify legal, policy, implementation, and political challenges and opportunities.   Create a framework by continent using Zoho to document varying perspectives on this issue.   Work with a wide range of partners having diverse viewpoints.   Continue to learn the complex language and framework of VAW. 6

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