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Fairtrade week March 6 th - March 10 th 2006 “ Make Fairtrade your habit”

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1 Fairtrade week March 6 th - March 10 th 2006 “ Make Fairtrade your habit”

2 Day 1:What is Fairtrade all about? If you buy a product carrying this label, you are helping disadvantaged farmers and workers in the developing world get a better deal

3 Where will you find the Fairtrade mark? Over 1000 products carry the Fairtrade mark- coffee, tea, bananas, honey, beer, juice, rice, roses, footballs and of course chocolate

4 Where can you buy them? All the places below sell a variety of Fairtrade goods. Not forgetting the Shire Oak Tuck shop !.

5 Day 2- Quiz “ What do we know about Fairtrade? 1. In which year was the Fairtrade Mark first awarded to a product? 1975 1994 2000 2. What % of adults was able to identify the FT mark in a MORI poll in May 2005? 35 50 60 3. Sales of products with the FT mark were £140 million in 2004. What were they expected to be in 2005? £145m £155m £210m

6 2 more questions 4. Which country has the largest Fairtrade market in the world United Kingdom Netherlands ( Holland) USA 5. Can you buy the following products with the Fairtrade Mark? Footballs Roses Wine

7 Answers 1. 1994 2. 50% 3. £210m 4.United Kingdom 5. All of them!

8 Day 3 “Who else cares about Fairtrade?” Catherine Tate is bothered about Fairtrade: “ It really can’t be emphasised enough what a difference you can make to other people’s lives by choosing to buy FT products. Something as simple as your weekly shop can help send children to school and to reduce acute poverty”

9 Charlie Dimmock Charlie digs FT bananas: “ With the nature of my work I have been lucky enough to travel lots and have experience of the communities that FT helps. It helped me to put into context the massive impact that something as simple as my weekly shop can have”

10 Vic Reeves He goes bananas for Fairtrade: “2005 was a great year for raising awareness for FT. It is important that we keep forging ahead and keep on until it is no longer a conscious effort but a habit for everyone”

11 What can you do ? Encourage Mum and Dad to buy Fairtrade food and other goods Use Fairtrade ingredients in your Food Technology lessons Visit websites to find out more about FT and how it improves people’s lives

12 And there’s more! Join the school’s Fairtrade group, it meets the last Monday of each month in S201. Visit the school’s Fairtrade Tuck shop.It runs the last Friday of each month in the South Building. There is an EXTRA tuck shop this Friday. Easter isn’t far away, buy Fairtrade Easter eggs e.g. Dubble and Divine

13 Day 4 -At Shire Oak we are having a Fairtrade week BUT Fairtrade Fortnight runs nationally until March 19th. Staff and students - keep a diary and kick start the Fairtrade habit! Start the day with a FT cup of tea or coffee Have a kick about with a FT football ( win one in the FT raffle) Buy the one you love some FT flowers! Eat Fairtrade biscuits and bars at break Buy a Dubble bar from the canteen at lunchtime End the day with a cup of FT hot chocolate or a glass of wine - STAFF only!

14 Still a few days to go Looking for a new T shirt - buy one made from Fairtrade cotton. Fancy a curry tonight? Eat it with Fairtrade rice And finally a word from a Fairtrade producer “ I did not get any education but I want my children to. Because of the Fairtrade price I can send them to school” Laljibhai, cotton farmer India

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