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“There’s Power In The Blood!”

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1 “There’s Power In The Blood!”
His Blood Speaks! Text: Hebrews “There’s Power In The Blood!”

2 There Is Blood In All Aspects…
Of Salvation… Romans 5.9 Of Worship… I Corinthians 11.25,26 Of Christianity… I Peter 2.21

3 From Our Text… Abel’s Blood Is Said To “Speak” Genesis 4.10
His Blood Was Righteous Matthew 23.35 He Had Righteousness By Faith… And He Still Speaks Hebrews 11.4

4 Yet, Christ’s Blood Is Better
(Key Word In Hebrews)

5 Christ’s Blood Speaks Of—

6 The Church— Purchase… Acts 20.28 Revelation 5.9 Impartial… Acts 10.35
Galatians 3.28 I Timothy 3.9

7 The Church— Produces The Priesthood… Revelation 5.10 I Peter 2.5,9
Provided Praise… Revelation Permanent… Hebrews 13.20

8 Christ’s Blood Speaks Of—

9 Salvation— Prerequisite… Romans 3.24,25…10.9 Propitiation…
I John 2.2…4.10 Power… Revelation 12.10,11 Payment… Ephesians 1.7 I Peter 1.18,19

10 Salvation— Parole… Matthew 26.28 Hebrews 9.22 Revelation 1.5
Privilege… Ephesians Hebrews 10.19,20 Hebrews 4.16

11 Christ’s Blood Speaks Of—

12 Duty— Purpose… I Peter 2.9 Romans 12.1,2 Colossians 1.10 Thus…
Hebrews 12.28

13 What Can Wash Away My Sins?

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