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Guided FREE WRITE Describe how your vacation positively or negatively effected the 3 areas of your health triangle.

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1 Guided FREE WRITE Describe how your vacation positively or negatively effected the 3 areas of your health triangle.

2 What are three health risks related to alcohol use that you anticipate learning in this lesson?

3 Ethanol – the type of alcohol in alcoholic beverages, made through the fermentation of fruits, vegetables and grains Fermentation – the chemical action of yeast on sugars

4 Influences a person’s motor skills by slowing reaction time and impairing vision. Clouds judgment and clear thinking.

5 Drinking alcohol can lead to intoxication. Intoxication – the state in which the body is poisoned by alcohol or another substance and the person’s physical and mental control is reduced.

6 Alcohol is a depressant, a drug that slows the central nervous system. What effects have you seen in people drinking? List them on your notes.

7 Alcohol can change the effects of medicines. Body may absorb drug or alcohol more slowly, increasing the time they are effecting the body. Can decrease the effectiveness of some medicines & increase others. Can change some medicines into chemicals that can damage the liver. Can lead to illness or death.

8 Changes to the Brain Can damage pathways used for learning. Memory and concentration are dulled. Judgment, coordination, movement, speech and vision are impaired. Increases the risks of stroke in teenagers!

9 Cardiovascular Changes High levels of alcohol slow heart rate and blood pressure. Body temperature drops. Liver and Kidney Changes Toxic chemicals are released as the liver breaks down the alcohol Cause scarring of the liver tissue.

10 Liver and Kidney Changes Causes the kidney to increase urine output and cause dehydration. Digestive System Alcohol increases stomach acid which causes nausea and vomiting. Pancreas Can cause pancreatitis, which causes severe pain. Does not allow body to break down foods.

11 How can alcohol use decrease your performance in activities that you enjoy? Hint: Think of the parts of the triangle

12 Addiction (Damage to families) Loss of Brain Function Permanent Brain Damage Reduction in Brain Size High Blood Pressure (can lead to stroke & heart attack)

13 Fatty Liver (Build up of fat cells can lead to cell death) Enlarged Heart (Reduces ability to pump blood) Alcoholic Hepatitis (infection of the liver) Cirrhosis (tissue is replaced with scar tissue) Digestive Problems (damage to the lining of the stomach causing cancer and ulcers)

14 Peer pressure Family Media Messages

15 Size of the person Gender Food Rate of intake/ amount Emotions Overall state of health Medicine

16 A male teen weighing 135 lbs vs. female teen weighing 135 lbs? A male teen weighing 140 lbs vs. a male teen weighing 195 lbs? A teen who had a very exciting day vs. a teen who had a normal day?

17 Binge Drinking – consuming five or more alcoholic drinks in one sitting. Can lead to a fatal dose alcohol or alcohol poisoning. If you suspect that a person has alcohol poisoning, call 911 immediately.

18 Alcohol Poisoning – severe and potentially fatal reaction to an alcoholic overdose. Irregular heartbeat Slow respiration Mental confusion, coma, vomiting and seizures Hypothermia, or low body temperature Pale or bluish color skin Severe dehydration from vomiting

19 What are the two types of dependence that alcohol users may suffer from? List them in your notes. Physiological & Psychological

20 The Law – Illegal to drink if you are under 21. Can result in being arrested and youth detention center. Violence – Fights are more likely to break out when alcohol is involved. Teen drinkers are more likely to be victims of violent crimes. (robbery, rape)

21 Sexual Activity – impairs judgment and lowers inhibitions. Causes teens to compromise their values. Twice as likely to contract a STD. 25% of teens use alcohol before engaging in sexual activity.

22 Family – 25% of all youth have alcohol abuse in their family as a result of another family member. School - School has a 0 tolerances policy, which means no alcohol is allowed. Using alcohol can negatively effect your future, activities and college.

23 Helps you : Maintain a healthy body Establish healthy relationships Make healthy decisions Avoid risky behaviors Avoid illegal activities Avoid violence Achieve your goals (Remember AHS)

24 How can teen alcohol use put your future at risk?

25 Why do you think some people use alcohol even though they know it is dangerous?

26 DWI (Driving while Intoxicated) or DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is the leading cause of death among teens. Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) – the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood, expressed as a percentage. Delaware’s Legal Limit = 0.08

27 Slows reflexes Effects concentration Underestimate dangers Increases risk- taking behaviors Vision is blurred Coordination is impaired

28 It is illegal to… be Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) be drinking while driving. have an open container of alcohol in the vehicle. consume alcohol if you are under 21 years old. Designated Driver A person who does not drink at all so that they can safely drive others home.

29 Harm to the driver and others Restricted driving privileges or complete loss of license Alcohol related injuries, property damage and death Living with regret and guilt

30 Consequences of DWI A police record and possible lawsuits Arrest, jail time, court appearance, and a heavy fine or bail Higher insurance rate Loss of parental trust and respect

31 In what ways could an alcoholic affect members of their family. List 3.

32 When a pregnant female drinks, alcohol passes from the mother’s body into the bloodstream of the fetus. The fetus is not fully developed and body cannot process the alcohol.

33 Risk of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) - a group of alcohol related birth defects that include physical and mental problems. Born with: Small head, deformities of the face hands and feet. Heart, liver & kidney defects Difficulty with learning, attention, memory.

34 Pretend your neighbor is pregnant and you saw her drinking alcohol at a neighborhood bar-b-que. Write a letter to her explaining the risks of alcohol to the fetus and advocating against drinking alcohol during pregnancy. 25 pts

35 Alcoholism is a disease in which a person has a physical or psychological dependence on alcohol. Symptoms: Craving more, Loss of control, dependence, increased tolerance. Person who is dependent on alcohol is an alcoholic. Linked genetically. 4 x more likely.

36 Stage 1 – Abuse Stage 2 – Dependence Stage 3 – Addiction Classwork: Using page 582, describe the differences between the 3 stages and what each looks like.

37 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) – provides help for alcohol users of all ages. Al- Anon/ Alateen – helps families and friends of alcoholics deal with and recover from the effects of living with an alcoholic. Homework – find 5 other places for a person who is an alcoholic or a family member to find help and support. 3 Must be local (within an hour).

38 Alcoholism cannot be cured but it can be treated. After successful treatment: Recovery – the process of learning to live an alcohol free life. Sobriety – living without alcohol

39 Groups of 3-4 Write a skit showing a intervention for a teenager who is an alcoholic, perform in class. The skit can focus on a teen struggling with alcoholism & the group of people working together to help them get help for their alcohol problem. Each skit should include at least 20 lines of dialogue. Must be written. Everyone must participate in the skit. 25 pts

40 Groups of 3-4 Write a skit teaching teenagers about alcoholism, perform in class. The skit can focus on a teen struggling with alcoholism or a group of friends working together to help a friend find help for an alcohol problem. Each skit should include at least 20 lines of dialogue. Must be written. Everyone must participate in the skit. 25 pts

41 Groups of 2-3 Imagine you are responsible for creating a company policy about employees who show signs of alcoholism. How will your company handle it? 35 pts Extra Credit – Call local businesses and ask what their existing policies s are regarding alcoholics. 20 product pts


43 What are two benefits of living without alcohol? ¿Qué son los dos beneficios de vivir sin alcohol?

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