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2 The Process 1. Choose a topic 2. Gather materials 3. Narrow the topic 4. Formulate a research question 5. Research in-depth 6. Write the introduction and thesis 7. Write the body 8. Write the conclusion 9. Write the bibliography

3 Choose a topic Choose a topic in your field of study. Write about something you are interested in to lead you to a question you have about something particular in your field.

4 Gather materials Once you have chosen a general topic, gather materials (periodicals, scholarly articles, lecture videos, professional articles) to explore information that exists on your topic. Take notes on the information you find and keep a list of all materials in a ‘dump document’.

5 Narrow your topic Assume your topic is too broad. When a topic is too broad, it will not allow you to do an in-depth analysis and demonstrate critical thinking. In research writing you need a narrowed topic in order to explore the topic in detail.

6 Formulate a research question Develop a question or discover a controversy related to your topic to show your perspective. Your job is to present your own perspective and use the research to support your idea. This question will be the springboard for the thesis.

7 In-depth research Search the databases for scholarly and professional articles on your narrowed topic. You need to collect and refer to two or three articles in your research paper. You may find the need to narrow your topic even more as you complete your in-depth research. Write a source list with annotations.

8 Write your introduction The introduction to your research paper will present the overall topic and your thesis, the key argument you want to prove in your paper. The introduction can include the following First, an attention getter on the general topic or an extended definition of the key topic. Second, the supporting sentences with general background information on the topic Last, a thesis with the main argument of the paper.

9 The thesis The thesis is one or two complete sentences at the end of the introduction that express the key argument you will prove in your paper. The thesis must be clear and direct - not vague language a statement that is not posed as a question in third person only

10 Body paragraphs The body of the research paper includes three sections. 1.Literature review – summarize what the current research shows in relation to your topic. 2.Presentation of your view – explain and develop the support for your ideas on the topic. 3.Implications/effects of your view – explain the effects/results and the importance of your idea.

11 Conclusion The conclusion is your last effort to convince the reader that your idea is valid. Write strong, direct sentences that give the main points of your paper and propose what may happen in the future. Do not give new points in the conclusion. Do not begin the conclusion with overused transitions, such as ‘In conclusion’ or ‘In summary’; use a concluding phrase instead.

12 Bibliography and citations The bibliography is a list of all sources used to write your research paper. The bibliography and all in-text citations must be in APA style.

13 Requirements 1000 - 1500 words 12-point font Times New Roman or Arial 1” margins double-spaced title page per APA style black ink / white paper


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