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By: Tiffany Harriot, Myrca Joseph, Samantha Alexis, Angelita Mede Biomass presentation.

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1 By: Tiffany Harriot, Myrca Joseph, Samantha Alexis, Angelita Mede Biomass presentation

2 Introduction to Biomass -Biomass is a renewable energy source. It is renewable because it can be replaced naturally. We can get this source energy from food crops, grassy and woody plants. -It can be found from agriculture or forestry. Oil-riche algae, and the organic component of municipal and industrial wastes

3 How to use our Energy Source -One way is burning things like animal waste. -Fermentation which is adding yeast to agricultural crops to create ethanol (better than using gasoline for cars). -Conversion is adding heat or chemical to the Biomass which helps to create electricity. -Lastly is Bacterial Decay which is when natural bacteria feed on the dead (animals and Plants). it creates Methane gas (which is odorless and colorless) that can create heat and electricity. -It is in between easy and hard because the process to produce the energy is lengthy.

4 Pro and cons of biomass Biomass has some benefits and also consequences The benefits of biomass: -The use of biomass energy has the potential to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. -It can reduce dependence on foreign oil. -It supports U.S. agricultural and forest product industries. Cons of biomass: -It requires space and produces dirty smell. -It is difficult to store biogas in cylinders. -Lost of construction of biogas plant is high, so only rich people can use it.

5 Energy In Our Community -This Energy source is only available in one place in our community and that is fuel start on Queens Street in Dudley - It is only available two places in Massachusetts which are Worcester and Fitchburg. The plant, which straddles the Fitchburg-Westminster line on Rowtier Drive, sells energy to Unitil Corp. prices-20-miles.aspx

6 Biomass Source Pollution -Burning Biomass may result in more result or less air pollution depending on the type of biomass and the types of fuels or energy sources that it replaces. Burning wood produce lots of air pollution. -Burning fossil fuels and biomass releases Carbone dioxide, when the plants that are the sources of biomass are grown, a nearly equivalent amount of Co2 is captured through photosynthesis

7 How is energy used? Biomass can be used in schools, especially schools in an rural area who have little resources to electricity. Biomass can create fuels that can power cars, trucks and tractors. Biomass could be used in a home to cook food and generate electricity or can be used to heat up throughout the home using a fireplace.

8 Energy Source Opinion -Biomass is a useful energy source, it is renewable, could be use for transportation because biogas is an example of transportation fuel. It can be use by people at home and also other buildings. -Biomass used as a fuel reduces need for fossil fuels for the production of heat, steam, and electricity for residential, industrial and agricultural use. Biomass is always available and can be produced as a renewable resource. Growing Biomass crops produce oxygen and use up carbon dioxide.

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