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During each stage of the construction a range of media technologies where used, including different hardware and software to produce professional products.

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1 During each stage of the construction a range of media technologies where used, including different hardware and software to produce professional products. UNSIGNED ARTISTS. Using the website was one of the first activities we engaged in when looking for an artist. It was an online search engine that enabled us to filter our search to find the type of artist we wanted, and allowed us to choose from a range of artists. It then gave us range of way to try and contact someone if we chose to. However this was difficult for us as we didn’t like the artists available ultimately leading us to find our own artist through other

2 Myspace is a social networking site that can be used by anyone around the world. Because of its easy access it is a popular way for artist to promote their music and gather a fan base. It also gives them a chance to explain who they are and what has inspired them to be the artist they have become. Because of this it was a very useful website for us to use to gather background information about our chosen artist K-OS, and to see other music videos that he has already produced. Youtube was a useful technology to use as it enabled us to research the selected genre; grime. This meant we could watch other grime videos produced professionally and by amateurs to understand the conventions used. Wordpress is a blogging website used in order for us to present our work. This was used predominantly during the research stages as it enabled me to blog all the research I had done from analysing music videos to writing about my artist.

3 Office was a useful software to use when writing the treatment. It enabled us to quickly produce a document that we could then simply save and edit when needed. It also then meant we could easily send it to each other via email or USB. Hotmail was used during the planning stages to send the treatment to each other so we could each edit it. It was a simple method to attach files so that everyone in the group could keep each other updated with documents that we needed. It was also a simple way for us to receive an mp3 of the Track chosen and a document containing the lyrics directly from the artist.

4 MOBILE PHONES Our mobiles where a very important piece of hardware used during the planning stages. It enabled the group to easily communicate with each other, as well as directly contacting the artist. In my case it was also a useful tool to use when recording down ideas when on the move. This meant that I could easily document ideas I had for the video and tell the rest of my group. SCANNING While planning our music video we created a storyboard to visually document our ideas. This was done by hand which meant we had to can it into the computers to upload to our wordpressblogs.

5 VIDEO CAMERA The video camera was used to capture the entire music video. It was small and portable meaning we could go to any location and easily shoot the video, and then watch it back to ensure we capture the correct things. It also meant we could do multiple takes of the same scene to ensure we captured the best one. A tripod was used with the camera to ensure that for certain scenes it produced steady shots with smooth tracking. STILL CAMERA A still camera was used during the making of the video so we could take professional pictures of the artist for the advertisement package. It had a screen where we could view the images taken to then delete or continue to capture more. It was important to use a good camera as we where shooting the video in the dark, so a good quality lens and flash enabled us to capture crisp and precise photos of the artist.

6 SPEAKERS It was important to bring portable speakers when filming the video as it was vital that shots of the artist during the perfomance would synchronise during editing. As it was filmed in London it was very loud and busy so the only way to be sure of this was to bring speakers to ensure the artist could hear the track. DV TAPE The DV tape is a storage device used in the camera to store the captured footage. This then enabled the footage to be read onto the computer allowing us to log the data(this was logging the time and length of each scene and each take to enable the editing process to be easier).

7 SCRATCH DISK The scratch disk was a device that has a large storage capacity which meant that while editing we could save the progress made. Every time we used Finalcut Pro to continue editing the video, the scratch disk was needed to retrieve the work already done and to then continue it. APPLE MAC PC A mac PC was the only computer we could use while editing the video. This was because the software needed – Finalcut Pro- was only available on Mac pc’s. they where harder to use than first expected, as they are slightly different to other PC’s so it took time to get used to the Mac as well as the editing programme.

8 Final cut pro is professional editing software used to create meaning to any film. This was the most important software used while creating our music video as it enabled us to cut, edit and synchronise our music video giving us full creative control. It allowed us to cut down clips, edit the speed of the clip and various other effects could also be used. Photoshop was the most important programme used for the advertisement package. Unlike Finalcut Pro, it could be used on any PC meaning it was more convenient and ultimately easier to create the package. Photoshop is also a professional programme used to manipulate photos to enhance them, which also allows full creative control as literally anything is possible. I used photo shop for all my advertisement pieces which included; Front cover of an album, booklet for inside of album and A4 advert. Photoshop

9 Again YouTube was used, this time to upload and share our music video. It allowed anyone with access to a PC to watch it, and to comment on it – leaving us feedback. Again wordpress was used, this time to upload all of my final pieces. This allows other students, or anyone with a wordpress blog, to watch the video and look at my advertisement package. I used survey monkey to create a survey about the final products created. This was a simple online forum that could be accessed by most people in order for them to leave me feedback.

10 Facebook is a well known social networking site, similar to Myspace. I used this to upload a link to YouTube of my Music video, allowing easy access to my friends and family to watch it. It also gave them to opportunity for them to comment on the video. It also allowed them to share the video with their friends, enabling more views and targeting a range of different people. PowerPoint is the software used to present and evaluate all my work in a multimedia presentation. It is a simple programme to use that allows me to use a range of different effects and mediums to present my work as well as being a creative way to combine text and images to engage someone attention.

11 PC / LAPTOP A PC was the main piece of hardware used when creating the evaluation for my work. It enabled me to used a rage of different software aswell as using the internet to upload and hare my work. It also meant that I could do my work almost anywhere as I can take my laptop anywhere I go, allowing easy access. USB My usb is a portable storage device. It enables me to save up to 8GB of work and take it anywhere. This makes the evaluation process easier as I can access my work almost anywhere, edit and save it quickly.

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