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Welcome! Double Degree, Internship, Mentor Wednesday, 23 October 2013.

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1 Welcome! Double Degree, Internship, Mentor Wednesday, 23 October 2013

2 Double Degree, Internship, Mentor, Exchange WHY?

3 Possibilities during your 2nd year ProgrammeInternshipMentorDouble Degree Exchange Business & Economics (siv.øk) XXXX

4 What is a Double Degree? Study at two internationally-acclaimed institutions and receive two degrees Spend the first academic year at BI and the second academic year at the host institution Receive two full degrees, completing them in the same time it would take to earn one Challenging, but rewarding For students with minimum GPA B Double Degree

5 BI’s double degree partners MSc in Business Queen’s School of Business, Kingston, Canada EDHEC Business School, Lille, France Catholic University of Portugal, School of Economics and Management (FCEE), Lisbon, Portugal Double Degree Triple Crown = AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA accreditation Only approx. 50 business schools worldwide have ’triple’ accreditation

6 Queen’s School of Business, Canada First year studying at BI Second year: Master of International Business program at Queen’s One of Canada’s top ranked business schools ”MBA-type” program Double major: BI major + Master in Global Management Small classes with excellent faculty Team-based learning approach: ’the power of teams’ Thesis: written and supervised at BI Typical ”American” campus environment 3 available places in 2013/2014

7 EDHEC Business School First year studying at BI Second year in one of EDHEC’s programs: One of France’s top Grande Ecole schools (#14 in FT ranking) MSc in Marketing Management, Legal and Tax Management, Arts and NGO Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Organisation Consultancy; MSc in Global Business? (TBC) Double major: BI major + EDHEC specialisation 3-month Internship, International/in France Thesis: written and supervised at BI New campus in Lille (1 hr north from Paris) 5 available places in 2013/2014

8 FCEE Catholic University, Portugal First year studying at BI Second year in Catolica’s International MSc in Business Administration One of Portugal’s top schools Interesting business and skills-oriented courses (e.g. Leadership Laboratory) that are not available at BI Majors in Finance, Strategy, Marketing, Innovation and Technology, General Management Some BI majors (Finance, Strategy, Marketing, Business Law) can stay with their major Some BI majors (HRM and Logistics) need to take Catolica’s General Management major Thesis: written at Catolica Located only 10 minutes from Lisbon’s sprawling city center 5 available places in 2013/2014

9 Robert Stenmark Catolica Lisbon School of Business & Economics Lisbon, Portugal, Autumn 2011 – Spring 2012 MSc in Business and Economics, minor in Finance “I applied to the double degree program to challenge myself and to gain personal as well as professional development – exactly what I got. I was one of the first students to attend the double degree program at Católica Lisbon, a highly ranked business school in Europe and considered the best in Portugal. The university has a very practical approach to teaching, and group work has an important role in all courses. However, it is not all work and no fun. As the university has almost 50% international students at the master’s level, I socialized with people from all over the world and gained many new friends. Moreover, other important ways to experience Portugal includes the beautiful beaches, the amazing surfing opportunities, the energetic night life and the great opportunities to travel. So I ask you, what could be more exciting than going a whole year abroad and experiencing life from a new perspective, breaking personal boundaries and creating unforgettable memories? Seize this opportunity and apply for the double degree – double the action, double the fun – I promise that it is a decision you will never regret!”

10 BI Internship as minor – who and how to apply MSc in Business And Economics Internship

11 Examples of positions Curious? Read more at Internship DepartmentWorking area HR DepartmentHR projects Business DevelopmentContainer freight market: analysis Regional or Divisional SectionAnalysis/Project Controller and Financial Controller Corporate Audits and Financial Governance Financial Applications and processes or Audits Business Assurance, Global HREvaluation and revision of our competence management system Division Logistics, OperationsLogistics and supply chain projects Headquarter Business DevelopmentStrategy and Business Development Merchant SolutionsCustomer survey – analysis and measures Payment, Information and eSecurity Business Strategy and governance Consumer MarketingMarket Research Marketing CommunicationsTracking tool for marketing and communications

12 International Mentor Programme Begins in April 2013 Open for all MSc students Selected number of students – approx. 16-18 places The programme has an international focus, and all seminars and network meetings are in English Each student is matched with a mentor 5 joint seminars throughout the year Monthly individual meetings with your mentor Smaller networking groups – 2 meetings per semester Can combine the mentor programme with the internship minor, but unfortunately not with exchange/double degree Mentor

13 Student Exchange Programme A Unique Opportunity! Student Exchange

14 Selection takes place in the first year of your MSc. We are looking for motivated candidates with good GPA’s. Double Degree: Recommended GPA average B, no pending subjects Internship: GPA B, no pending subjects Mentor: Recommended GPA B, no pending subjects. Motivated students Exchange: Strong C How to apply – online @BI Letter of motivation (in English) CV (in English) Application deadline: February 1 Summary – Who’s Eligible?

15 Exchange, International Office: Hege Jordheim Ouafa Abarkach Double Degree: Ellen Tobiasson Internships, Careers Service: Judith Holther Mentor Programme: Adriana Jansen Summary

16 Questions _ Challenge yourself

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