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2 Forme Allotropiche del Carbonio
Grafite Diamante Vi sono solo 2 forme pure di Carbonio…. O cosi’ si credeva

3 Buckminsterfullerene Premio Nobel 1996 per la Chimica
The accidental discovery of the third allotrope of pure carbon was made in the laboratory of Professor Richard Smalley at Rice University. Rick Smalley was studying semiconductor clusters using a novel laser vaporization technique in combination with a molecular beam apparatus to form and study clusters. The result was the observation of stable C60 clusters and the first postulation that the structure of this compound was a truncated icosahedron. Named Buckminsterfullerene after the geodesic domes of Buckminster Fuller, C60 and its hundreds of derivatives have made fullerene research a major subfield of chemistry. Possible industrial applications include superconductivity, optics, lubrication, electronics, catalysis, polymer chemistry, ultrathin films of diamonds, and medical delivery systems. 7/30/99

4 C60 -- Buckminster Fullerene

5 C60

6 C60

7 C70

8 Catena Lineare C70 Diamante Grafite C60 Nanotubo

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