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PRINCIPAL LEARNING & PROJECT An overview Robin Hughes & John Adamson 26 November 2010.

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1 PRINCIPAL LEARNING & PROJECT An overview Robin Hughes & John Adamson 26 November 2010

2 What makes Principal Learning different? Principal Learning is available in Wales as an option within the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification (WBQ). Teaching and learning must draw from up-to-date developments within the sector. A minimum of 50% of all learning must be applied; Applied learning must be ‘concerned with the application of knowledge and skills through relevant work and work- related tasks, problems and contexts’ (QCA, April 2007) All units are mandatory – but are descriptions of skills and techniques that can be evidenced in many contexts or pathways eg Level 2 – ‘Responding to a brief’ (OCR Creative and Media).

3 What’s available now? Construction & the Built Environment Environmental & Land-based Studies Creative & Media Hair & Beauty Engineering Hospitality Information Technology Manufacturing & Product Design Business, Administration & Finance Society, Health & Development More lines of learning to come in 2011 inc Sport, Retail

4 Size matters Principal Learning Level 1 = 240 GLH (3 GCSEs at D-G) Level 2 = 420 GLH (5 GCSEs at A*-C) Level 3 = 540 GLH (1.5 A-Levels at A*-E) Projects Foundation (L1) = (Half a GCSE at D-G) Higher (L2) = (Half a GCSE at A*-C) Extended (L3) = (AS Level/70 UCAS points)

5 What do people say about Principal Learning? June 2010 Chief Examiner’s Report (OCR Creative and Media specifications) –“Candidates engaging in Principal Learning continue to be very enthusiastic and staff and candidates enjoyed their courses enormously”. –“The challenge is to ensure that candidates cover necessary content and present work that falls within the specification requirements and for which marks can be awarded”.

6 Assessment Principal Learning is unitised. Most units are internally assessed; some units are externally assessed through set tasks and a visiting examiner. OCR-developed model assignments are available for each unit. They cover a range of disciplines and outline a scenario or brief to which learners work. Centres can contextualise scenarios and tasks to meet their local needs. For externally assessed units learners are given a scenario and range of briefs from which they choose one. The briefs may specify a range of constraints that learners will need to consider when planning and producing their responses.

7 Employer Engagement - advice to centres Contact your local Careers Wales advisor Contact the relevant Sector Skills Council Build on existing employer links Encourage the employer to help write a ‘brief’ Remember… work experience is part of the Welsh Bacc and principal learning must be at least 50% applied learning: employers can help bridge these two requirements.

8 Academic content Principal Learning and Project are regulated as if they are general qualifications, not vocational. Across the lines of learning, candidates are expected to apply skills in a number of contexts i.e. how the candidate has created a product is more important than the product itself. Capturing the whole process is essential to achieving the qualification. For example in Creative and Media the four skills are: –Explore –Plan –Produce –Reflect

9 Projects Not optional if you are doing Principal Learning. Can be taken as a stand-alone qualification if you are not doing Principal Learning. Counts as a proxy for the Individual Investigation part of the WBQ (as long as the standards are met) at the corresponding level. Contributes UCAS points at Level 3. Style of learning ‘fits’ Principal Learning and can be taught holistically alongside WBQ.

10 Why choose Principal Learning and Project? Principal Learning and Project: –Promotes significant work-related learning –Encourages meaningful employer engagement –Provides more than a taster of specific sectors and disciplines but doesn’t limit opportunities –Encourages access to specialist facilities –Supports the development of transferable skills that employers say they want

11 Progression Further Education Apprenticeships Higher Education Employment (possibly linked to an apprenticeship or other vocationally- related qualification)

12 Useful links OCR website Database of Approved Qualifications in Wales Welsh Baccalaureate The Alliance of Sector Skills Councils

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