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By Richard Gonzales Computer Art September 2 2014.

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1 By Richard Gonzales Computer Art September 2 2014

2 A room of two large galleries that consist of large scale works by Ruben. Includes canvases such as Saint Matthew artwork. Torre de la Parada is a major series in the second room which was commissioned by Philip IV. Rooms consist of mythological, religious and histtorical works.

3 The walls painted in grotesque style. The name comes from the coats of arms of the 24 realms. This is painted on the ceiling. Paintings resemble political and symbolic significance Battle scenes are depicted by the artist Velasquez and Cajes.

4 This room has paintings from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. This is the main floor which consists multiple paintings by Velazques such as the Vulcans Forge and The Crucified Christ. Revolves around a mythological aspect. This room focuses on the portraits of the monarch. The best work display in the museum is shown in the picture to the left which is called Las Meninas

5 The picture on the right is a painting Miguel Blanco known as Satanic invocation. This painting revolves around the subject Natural Histories which is room is about. Through this exhibition Prado pays tribute to his own history. There are 22 installations which are completed in this room. Durer another artist places two panels of Adam and Eve through a juxtaposition style showing some natural history. This room also focuses on the subject of human proportions.

6 This Gallery has the most Famous works of Fransico Goya. Goyas works go from this first floor to the third. This Gallery is known to hold the most remarkable works of the European culture. It consists of a Floor known as : a new global vision”. This was led by Titian and has Goyas late 18 th centuries works. In the picture to the left we have the central galleries view of the royal portraits of Charles V and Philip II.

7 The main entrance which is what my last slide will be on is constructed in a architectural style produced by the neoclassical movement. This museum was present in the 2013 film “Trance”. The architect here was Juan de Villanueva.

8 This PowerPoint on the Museo de Prado truly helped me discover the different types of art works in one single museum. This museum consists on average 7000 artworks. The main artist is Fransico Goya and Diego Velazquez. It also helped me understand the construction of the different halls and what they consisted of. I learned more about the Juxapostion of artworks. Also, sine this museum is located in Spain is showed more of Variety of Spains works. This also taught me that each Museum represents the culture it is located at. The Museo de Prado had many more rooms in which I did not mention due to its great size.

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