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Day 1 “Rock music to me is the type of genre that I would listen to if I was really angry because the beat or the rhythm allows me to relieve my stress.

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3 Day 1 “Rock music to me is the type of genre that I would listen to if I was really angry because the beat or the rhythm allows me to relieve my stress in a very efficient way because with rock music I don’t feel the need to hid up my emotions.” Day 2 “Honestly, I wasn't too sure what the lyrics were because all I heard was the loud beat the music and a bunch of screaming that I found to be very harmful to my ears because it was so loud. However, I really liked the rhythm and the flow that rock music had is made me feel really energetic and excited” Day 3 “Rock music wasn't my favorite genre to listen to and I am kind of sad that it is over because I love the beat that the music had to it and it made me go from a gloomy mood to a more enthusiastic mood. However, I can definitely say that it is not something that I would listen to on a daily basis because it is not my type of music that I would listen to.”

4 Day 1 “Since rock music began to emerge in an era of change, known as the 1960’s, It makes me think of my own changes in my life.Its also a great thing to dance and listen to when you’re home alone on full blast. Rock music is a powerful sound with a very deep meaning.” Day 2 “ I have realized that listening to rock while I’m trying to do my homework just makes me more energetic and less focused at the work at hand. This music is for parties or running.” Day 3 “Listening to rock music for the past three days has made me realize that it is truly a progressive type of music. I have enjoyed listening to it and reminiscing on all the stages of my life.”

5 Day 2 The more that I listen to rock music the more appealing I found it. I like the variations in the messages throughout the genre. It could diverge from messages talking about rebelling against the political or social system to messages about love and the effects it has on a person. I found rock music to be at times very fun to dance to and appropriate at other times when I just wanted to sit down and think about the message and content of the song. Day 3 I could definitely find myself listening to rock music on a daily basis. I guess I haven’t listened more to rock music because I didn’t associate myself with rock music due to the stereotypical image that I had about rap music. I realized that how much influence my society has over my taste in music. I never allowed myself the opportunity to explore new types of music. Day 1 When I think about rock music I imagine long hair shirtless guys with 80s style fashion screaming into the microphone. Although there was some very loud rock music I find myself enjoying the music more than I thought that I would have. I was surprise to find the loud music pleasing to my ears. Although there is some very loud music there is some soft and powerful rock songs such as “Maybe I Amazed” by Paul McCarthy that stunned me by making me realized how conveying rock music is.

6 Day 1 “Rock is not one of my favorite genres because all it consists of is loud screaming with incomprehensible words. I don’t understand how someone could come up with a message about a song when they can’t understand the lyrics or the content of the song. It is not something I enjoy and I found it is very painful to listen to. I actually became worried that I would become deaf due to how loud the music was. Based on the songs that I listen to today rock music seems to fit the stereotypes very well.” Day 2 “I am getting really annoyed listening to rock music all the songs just seem to be about drinking and drugs which I find very off putting. There were a few songs though that I found bearable to listen to because it actually had meaning to it such as “Dream On” by Aerosmith. Although there were a few songs that I found tolerable to listen to, majority of the time all I heard was screaming gibberish that I could understand which was very irritating” Day 3 “I am so happy that today was the last day that I had to listen to this garbage called rock music. The only good thing that came out of this experiment is that I realized that rock music is not and will never be the type of genre that I like or find amusing. The loud beat music is just not my taste and there were only a few songs that I found tolerable and there were more on the classical rock side. Although there has been genres were my opinions has changed through the duration of listening to that certain genre, I am confident that my opinion of rock music has not and will not change”

7 Day 1 “When I think of rock music I tend to associate it with the popular video game “Guitar Hero”. At first when I was listening to rock music I heard that same vibe that was very similar to what I heard on guitar hero, and I was ready to just believe that the stereotypes of rock music were true. However, I began to hear diversity in the rock songs that I was listening to. It wasn't always the same heavy pounding sound screaming about rebellion, there were songs that seem to convey a message about heartbreaks or accomplishing dreams.” Day 2 “Today I realized that I preferred some variations of rock music over others. I am more biased towards the softer side of rock music because it is more similar to the type of music that I usually listen to. There is definitely some type of rock music that I don’t prefer because it tends to have a theme of sex and rebellious ideas. I love how rock has variations to it because it allows everyone to find a piece of rock that they would find enjoyable.” Day 3 “My opinions of rock have not stayed consistent through the days of listening to rap music. There were some songs that I found enjoyable but others were very unpleasing. Although I can say that I have found rap music to somewhat enjoyable. I don’t think that it would be something I would listen to on a daily basis because no matter how long I listen to rap music, I will not be able to find a way to connect with it unlike other genres.”

8 Day 1 “ Rock music boosts my confidence when I’m doing something. It helps me achieve my goals.” Day 2 “Some of the music is too intense for me. It tends to go over the border and this screaming is too much for my preference.” Day 3 “Some rock songs verge on the line of pop and indie. Its can be repetitive at points, still love rock but not this aspect.”

9 Day 1 “ I feel rock is a very vague term, and this is somthing I listen to in a norm, a light version. Most the songs I listened to today made me reminiscent of my middle school years. I listened to that genre much more then.” Day 2 “ This kinda gets me pumped up to do somthing, not necessarily homework or creating things like in classical, but somthing athletic. I listened to this while running and made the experience delightful.” Day 3 “ Rock has this sass that is just so beautiful. It gives you like this alter persona that makes you want to alter the world.”

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