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Measuring Motion Chapter 1 Section 1.

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1 Measuring Motion Chapter 1 Section 1

2 Observing motion by using a reference point
Reference point – an object that appears to be stationary or mobile. An object used to compare another object in motion. Reference direction – Used to describe the direction of an object’s motion. Up, down, north, south, east and west Motion – an object’s change in position relative to a reference point.

3 Speed Depends on Distance and Time
Speed – is the distance traveled by an object divided by time taken to travel that distance The SI unit for measuring speed is meters per second (m/s), or kilometers per hour km/h.

4 Determining Average Speed
Most of the time objects do not travel at a constant speed. It is useful to calculate average speed. Average speed = total distance total time

5 Let’s Graph IT!

6 Velocity – Direction matters
Velocity – the speed of an object in a particular direction. Velocity must include a reference direction.

7 Velocity Changes Velocity changes only if one of the following two factors that make up velocity changes Speed Direction Constant velocity is motion in a straight line.

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