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Topic 9 Reactions of Acids.

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1 Topic 9 Reactions of Acids

2 Precipitation Reactions
2 solutions  Insoluble salt + New solution AB + CD  AD BC

3 A precipitation reaction is the reaction of two solutions to form an insoluble product called a precipitate. Silver iodide is an example of an insoluble salt.

4 Ag+NO3- + Na+I-  Ag+I- + Na+NO3- Removing spectator ions:
Silver nitrate+sodium iodideSilver iodide+Sodium nitrate Ag+NO3- + Na+I-  Ag+I- + Na+NO3- Removing spectator ions: Ag+(aq) + I-(aq)  Ag+I-(s) As silver iodide is INSOLUBLE it is the precipitate. (see pg 5 of Data Book)

5 Experiment 1 Combinations Result Name of precipitate
Sodium hydroxide + Copper sulphate Sodium carbonate + calcium chloride Ammonium chloride + lead (II) nitrate Potassium sulphate + Lead (II) nitrate

6 Experiment2 Choose to either make copper carbonate or barium sulphate
Write down which substances you will need from this list to make your precipitate. barium chloride sodium sulphate potassium carbonate copper sulphate N.B. Make each substance a solution in water before combining them for the reaction.

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