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Scholarship Essay Workshop Dr. Hanan Alhaddi Adel Mozib.

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1 Scholarship Essay Workshop Dr. Hanan Alhaddi Adel Mozib

2 Writing a scholarship essay is still…writing!

3 Things to know Scholarship essay is essentially a letter about “you” to the scholarship committee The essay is written in support of a scholarship application It has to be a “winning” essay – you are trying to win the scholarship Essay should be unique to the scholarship There is plenty of resources!

4 Things to know Scholarship committee want to know about “you” They want to see that you are passionate, determined, reliable, and worthy of the scholarship So make it personal, passionate, but honest

5 Who grants scholarships? Schools/universities Companies Profit/non-profit organizations Private grants

6 Tips for writing a “winning” essay Know the audience Start planning in advance Make it personal Use the help of an editor

7 Know the audience Read the qualifications! If you qualify: – Learn about the scholarship – Learn about the granting organization (in applicable) – How do you fit in? – Think about why do you qualify?

8 Start planning in advance Pay attention to the deadline Start working ahead of time Give yourself plenty of time (do NOT wait to the night before) Put together a timeline (what to do and when)

9 Use the help of an editor Find a good writer Ask if he/she is willing to proofread your essay Allow yourself time to incorporate the edits into the final essay Ensure essay is well written and free of misspellings and/or grammar mistakes

10 Steps for writing … 1.Read the instructions 2.Begin with an outline (for what you want to write) 3.Ensure outline includes all elements required by the essay 4.Start writing the essay (elaborate on the points from your outline)

11 Steps for writing … 5. Make sure the language is simple, clear, concise…but effective! 6. When listing your accomplishments, be confident (don’t brag) 7. Ensure essay is free of any grammar and/or spelling mistakes

12 Steps for writing … 8. After you are done: – Read the questions again to make sure you have addressed everything – Find an editor (someone with strong writing skills) to proofread your paper

13 Example questions of essays Talk about a life-changing experience that has influenced you deeply What are your career goals and how will you achieve them? What are the challenges of attending college and how do you plan to overcome them?

14 Example questions of essays Who has been the most influential person in your life and why? Why do you want to go to college? Why should you be selected for this scholarships? (here, they want to know about your accomplishments, examples of leadership, and your personal characteristics)

15 What NOT to write Plagiarism (copy and paste from existing resources) Do not repeat stories of example essays (even in your own words) Do not talk about things unrelated to the question(s) of the essay Remember, it must be honest and personal

16 Words to use and to avoid Use formal language Words to use: – Do not, can not, … – As – Things (it is better to be clear and specific) Avoid slang language Words to avoid: – Don’t, can’t, … – Like “I feel like….” – Stuff

17 Activity In 1 paragraph, answer the following: Why did you select your major and what do you hope to accomplish?

18 Resources OR – You can always use google – Type key words as scholarship essays, tips for writing, etc.

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