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ABOUT MOZART Where was he born? His life Mozart as a child His family

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1 ABOUT MOZART Where was he born? His life Mozart as a child His family
Mozart as an adult Where did he live? Where did he play?

2 Where was he born? AUSTRIA SALZBURG

3 Salzburg The town is situated on the river Salzach, near the south part of the Alps. The name "Salzburg" was mentioned for the first time in 755 and refers to the main economic activity of the town, the estraction of salt from the mines on the near mountains, which are connected to the town through the river Salzach. Salzburg in German means Salt Castle while Salzach means Salt Street.

4 His life Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born at Salzburg, Austria, in 1756. His father Leopold, who was a musician, gave the little Amadeus and his sister Nannerl a musical education. Mozart startled the musical world as an infant prodigy, playing the clavier and composing little pieces before he was five. Leopold wanted to exploit the musical skill of his children; they played before the empress Maria Theresa astonishing everybody. In 1763, Wolofgang and his sister travelled to Munich, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Bruxelles and many other important towns such as Paris, and London where they came in 1764. In these years Wolfgang also learnt to play the violin and the organ. In 1767 the Mozarts returned to Salzburg, from this moment the liitle Amadeus started composing and never stopped untill he died. Since he was eleven Mozart went many times to Vienna where he was very required by the nobles and his genius was starting to arouse envy among musicians. In 1769 Mozart, together with his father, went to Italy where he visited and played in the main towns, among which Mantova. The Italians were amazed at his genius.

5 An anecdote which happened in Rome increased his infant prodigy fame: in the Sistine Chapel Mozart listened to a piece composed by Gregorio Allegri and rewrote it completly by heart. As an adult he gave lessons and composed to earn a living. In 1778 his mother Anna Maria died and Amadeus returned to Salzburg, but in 1781he decided to leave definitly that town and live in Vienna. In 1782 he married Costanze Weber and was charged by the emperor with composing an opera. Mozart composed “Die Entführung aus dem Serail”, later he composed “Le nozze di Figaro” and than “Don Giovanni” destined to become a big success. Despite his prestige, he was in bad economic conditions and also his health wasn’t good since he was a child. In Vienna Mozart composed “ Die Zauberflöte” on a text by Schikaneder and started the beautiful “Requiem” taht is said to be commissioned by a misterious man. Mozart died in Vienna in 1791 and was buried in a common grave. During his short life Mozart composed 626 works: the first when he was 5, the last short before he died. Mozart’s works were ordered and numbered in 1862 by Ludwig Koghel (whose initial K precedes the number of each work).

6 Mozart as a child Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Was born 250 years ago
(27 January 1756) Look carefully at the pictures on this sheet and the following one. What kind of pictures are these? Why? What about Amadeus’ clothing? What about his hair? What is he doing? - Write Wolfgang Amadeus age under each portrait. - Put the portraits in a chronological order, write the numbers from 1 to 5 in the red circles. Mozart portaryed as a child by Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni Wolfgang Amadeus ……. Years old Mozart at the piano Oil painting by Thaddäus Helbling-1768 Wolfgang Amadeus is ……. Years oldo

7 Oil painting by Saviero dalla Rosa
Painted in January 1770 during his first travel to Italy Wolfgang Amadeus is ……years old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart caresses a bird. Painting by Johann Zoffany 1765 Wolfgang Amadeus is ……years old. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and His sister Maria Anna Mozart Miniature by E. J. Alphen c.1764 Wolfgang Amadeus is …… years old.

8 Wolfgang Amadeus’s mother, father and sister
His mother: Anna Maria Pertl Mozart ( ) Oil painting byi Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni Painted in 1775 His father: Leopold Mozart ( ) Oil painting by Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni Painted in 1765 His sister: Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart, named “Nannerl“ ( ) Oil painting by Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni Painted in 1763 Was Nannerl younger or older than Wolfgang ? How old was she when her brother was born? Which is the painting technique used by Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni?

9 Wolfgang with his family
Oil painting by Johann Nepomuk della Croce Salzburg

10 Look at the previous painting.
You can see the whole Mozart family. What are Wolfgang and his sister Nannerl doing? Which instruments are they playing? How are they playing? Leopold, the father, is leaning on the harpsichord. What is there in his hands? Anna Maria, the mother, appears in the oval portrait hanging on the wall. Why? What about Amadeus’ clothing? What about his hair? What is there on the little table behind Leopold? For what purpose was it used? How old was Amadeus when the picture was painted? Had he already been in Mantova?

11 Leopold Mozart and his children
Watercolour painted by Louis Carrogis de Carmontelle in November 1763 in Paris.

12 Leopold, Wolfgang’s father, describes the watercolour as follows:
"Wolfgang is playing the harpsichord, I’m playing the violin standing behind his chair, Nannerl, leaning a harm on the harpsichord, is holding a music paper in the other hand as if she was singing". How old was Wolfgang when this watercolour was painted? Look at Leopold’s, Wolfgang’s and Nannerl’s clothing and describe it. Look at Wolfgang’s and Leopold’s hair. What about it? What is Wolfgang’s attitude? What is Leopold’s attitude? What is Nannerl’s attitude?

13 Mozart as an adult Consider the years when the following portraits were painted, put them in a chronological order writing the numbers from 1 to 6 in the red circles. WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART MINIATURE, C.1777 WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART MINIATURE, BY A M. KNOLLER, 1773 WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART OIL PAINTING BY J. LANGE, 1784


His wife and children FRANZ XAVER WOLFGANG MOZART ( ) KARL THOMAS MOZART ( ) PORTRAIT BY HANS HANSEN (CA. 1798) CONSTANZE WEBER MOZART Wolfgang and Constanze got married in 1792 and during nine years marriage they had six children, but only two of them reached tha adult age: Karl Thomas and Franz Xaver Wolfgang

16 Karl Thomas after studying music dropped the musical activity and became a royal functionary.
Franz Xaver became a composer, a piano player, an orchestra leader and teacher. Neither Karl Thomas nor Franz Xaver had children, for this reason there isn’t any progeny of Wolfgang Amadeus

17 Where did he live? The house where Mozart was born in It is in Salzburg in the Getreidegasse. The rooms where the Mozart family lived are now a museum The kitchen A room One of the houses in which Mozart lived is in Markatplatz 8 in Salzburg. Mozart lived there from 1773 to1780. The salon The hall

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