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HPC 3O February 22 nd, 2013.  YSog.

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1 HPC 3O February 22 nd, 2013

2  YSog

3 An educational approach to LABOR and DELIVERY in which the parents are specially prepared for the event. The aim is for the mother to be awake and cooperative and for the father to assume an active and supportive role during the birth of their child. Called also natural, educated, or cooperative childbirth.

4  What do you learn in childbirth classes? -What happens during labor -What happens during delivery -Films of childbirth and reading material -Tour the maternity area of the hospital -Learning skills to cope with discomforts of labor -Mother joins with “coach”

5  Obstetricians  Family doctors  Licensed midwives – nurse midwife vs. lay midwife

6 Parents should:  Find out how emergency calls will be handled at night  Which hospital or medical centre the doc is affiliated with  What programs and facilities the hospital has  Whether the doc has the same ideas about delivery procedures as they do

7  Used to be born @ home!  Today  usually hospitals  Hospitals offer the following services: -classes -special programs for young children -programs encourage fathers and other family members to help the mother -Birthing rooms -positions -Lights, music, etc;

8  Separate from the hospital, has homelike rooms for giving birth  Birthing aided by midwives  Most will only accept mothers with a low risk of delivery complications  Birth centers in Ontario

9  10 Matching  10 True/False  15 Multiple Choice Questions

10 What to study?  The developing baby: prenatal  Problems in Prenatal development  birth defects & causes  Diagnosis of birth defects  Healthy Pregnancy  nutritional requirements, weight requirements, etc;

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