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Change implementation MAY 2013 Supporting the People Side of Change Implementation.

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1 change implementation MAY 2013 Supporting the People Side of Change Implementation

2 MERCER Change im·ple·ment·a·tion (noun): moving stakeholders through a thoughtful, planned experience from a current state to a desired state to unlock the full value of change more quickly. change implementation

3 MERCER change implementation Change implementation does not mean task management Change implementation Helps people accept and implement changes as quickly and effectively as possible Addresses the five activities critical to success Strategy Execution Management Stakeholder Engagement Communication Training Task management Master checklist of tasks to implement new operational systems and processes Not focused on the experience of the change, or the impact that experience has on the success of the change

4 MERCER Change Definition and Tasking Mercer consultants work alongside internal and external resources, including strategy firms, to weave the people perspective into implementation task planning and developing the change implementation strategy change Change Implementation Mercer expertly executes against the change management strategy to move people through the changes for quicker adoption and realization of change goals and objectives People Systems Mercer’s deep HR expertise positions us uniquely to address people issues and deliver a superior stakeholder experience An end to end solution for changes at all levels of business function Vision Strategy (goals and initiatives) Infrastructure (tools and systems) What we do (structure and roles) How we work (process and environment) Total rewards (career, pay and benefits)

5 MERCER “ ” Organizations change when individuals change Organizations change when individuals change – that’s why we combine techniques from major change management thinkers with psychologists and behavioralists. Our approach features theoretical roots, strongly influenced by practical knowledge and experience. This pragmatic approach connects our clients’ change efforts with tested theory, business reality and common PMO structures. Elements from major organizational change theories Kanter Nadler and Tushman Bridges Kotter The psychology of winning the hearts and minds of individuals Serxner and Gold (Awareness, Skill-building and Maintenance) Prochaska (Transtheoretical model) Bandura (Self-efficacy and social learning) Adult learning principles change

6 MERCER We partner with our clients Collaborative – We seek to work as a team with our clients, ensuring we contribute in the most impactful way Effective – Process efficiency means getting things done right, on time and on budget Present – It takes on-the-ground support and availability when you need us to cross the finish line Flexible – So long as the core activities of change happen, we can use your tools or bring our own change implementation

7 MERCER change management activity streams ensure successful change implementation We partner with clients on one or multiple activity streams, or we provide specialist resources to run activity streams as a turnkey solution. Mercer’s standard change management checklists and tools ensure each activity is supported by a robust set of intellectual capital, based on successful client experiences. 5

8 MERCER Through strategy development, we create a plan for who, what and when, metrics that define success, and clearly define roles and responsibilities Sample activitiesFacilitate kick-off meeting with core change team Conduct stakeholder mapping and impact analysis Define sensing approach (interviews, focus groups, etc.) Identify goals, objectives and metrics Building leadership consensus Readiness assessment Identify advisory groups Sample deliverables High-level plan (for socializing with executives) Stakeholder strategy and change processes Mercer Change Plan Summary, including readiness, plan and specific actions Sample toolsStrategy Planning Workshop Leadership Alignment Session Mercer Readiness Assessment Mercer Change Dashboard Mercer Pulse Survey Development/review map change implementation

9 MERCER Rigorous execution management facilitates the execution of the strategy — we work to continually update and refine the strategy as the project unfolds Sample activities Build out and troubleshoot details of initial plan Track and drive resolution of issues Conduct regular cadence status meetings Monitor engagement plan for results Track document and deliverable creation Monitor training details Follow processes defined in strategy Sample deliverables Detailed project plan Issue log Cadence maps Sample tools Change Charter Issues log Document tracking log Decision log Content tracking log Status Report change implementation

10 MERCER To facilitate stakeholder engagement, we employ tactics to build and maintain key influencer engagement and to conduct stakeholder sensing Sample activitiesDefine and run stakeholder teams Recruit champions to drive support Provide feedback to implementation teams and PMO Support leadership, line managers, etc. Support highly-impacted groups Sample deliverables Change advisory meetings Change champion training Leader briefing/support Report back to overall Project PMO Sample toolsChange Agent Toolkits Manager Kit Customer leader training Change training modules PMO report formats change implementation

11 MERCER Effective communication is critical to support change and smooth employee experience Sample activitiesDocument creation Meeting planning and staging Site prep Social Media management Sample deliverables Leadership briefings/talking points Organizational announcements Updates (emails, etc.) Leader/manager resources (rude FAQs, etc.) Question/answer loop and FAQs Manager training Employee face-to-face sessions Social media tools Installations Sample toolsCommunication channel content Question response tracking Communication playbook Social Media Viewer change implementation

12 MERCER Lasting behavior change is supported by effective and efficient training Sample activitiesIdentify gaps in technical knowledge or organizational capability Establish, confirm or integrate training programs into holistic learning architecture Develop training materials on specific topics, begin leadership development programs, partner with training providers for off-the-shelf solutions Sample deliverables Curriculum plans Training materials for trainees and trainers Audit of partner training materials Employee explanations of training program/approach Sample toolsTraining Planning Guide Training Playbook Training material audit Training architecture change implementation

13 MERCER Some of Mercer’s change Implementation clients

14 MERCER Vision and strategy Structure and process Rewards and employment New corporate direction Enterprise-level cross-functional reinvention Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, JVs Restructuring / force reduction Centralizing and outsourcing Technology implementation Significant reward changes Managed service implementation Employment offers and onboarding Examples of client change we have supported change implementation

15 MERCER What to expect Strategy – A kickoff meeting followed by vetting and informal 1-on-1s, resulting in a strategy Execution Management – A detailed plan with cadence meetings to ensure insight and completion Stakeholder Engagement – Working with key stakeholders for two-way dialog and support Communication – Creating and distributing content through a variety of channels Training – Defining and delivering new practical knowledge people need change implementation

16 Jason Jaross Partner 213 346 2404 Amy Kawabori Principal 206 920 2243

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